2 Ways to Disable Google Assistant On Android


Google assistant is an application made by Google that provides innovation in the world of technology. This software has tasks like a virtual assistant that will help you do various things.

Although this application has many functions that can help, not everyone wants and likes to use this google assistant feature. Some people even think that Google Assistant is annoying.

Well if you feel that this Google application is harming you, then you can disable this application. How do I disable this one application? Here’s the review.

Google Assistant

How to Disable Google Assistant on Android

1. Go to Settings

The first step you have to do to disable this application is please open the Google Apps. After that, please swipe the screen from left to right until a menu appears. Then please select the option Settings which is there. You will be taken to the Google settings section, select menu Google Assistant.

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2. Uncheck

The second step is to remove the tick. After you did the first step, then next please move to the tab assistant, then please swipe down and select an option phone. You just have to turn off the feature Google Assistant which is there.

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How to disable this app? Very easy isn’t it? Good luck yes.

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