2 Ways to Get Verified Instagram Blue Ticks

Do you know how to get Instagram blue ticks? For those of you who are familiar and often open artist or public figure Instagram accounts, of course you will find this Instagram blue tick.

Maybe some of you are wondering what is the use of this Instagram blue tick? In addition to being visible, this blue tick on Instagram will also make it easier for you if you want to follow your idol artist so you don’t make a mistake.

To get the Instagram blue tick, there are several conditions that you must fulfill, including:

  1. Famous artists and celebrities such as film players, singers, writers, musical groups, and so on.
  2. Famous sports players, for example badminton, soccer players and so on.
  3. Famous figures in certain fields, for example in the fields of politics, social, law, economics, and other important figures.
  4. Certain companies or brands.
  5. Individual accounts that have many followers.

After knowing how, then how to get the blue tick on Instagram? Here’s the review.

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Instagram Blue Tick

How to Get Instagram Blue Tick

1. Using Instagram’s Built-in Features

Instagram Bobby Icon Viral

The first way so you can get a blue tick is to use the default Instagram feature. Here are the steps:

  1. The first step you have to do is please open your Instagram profile on your Android or iPhone.
  2. Then please go to menu > settings and click account.
  3. Next, please click the Request Verification option, on that page please fill in the answers and evidence as accurately as possible.
  • Name
  • Nickname / Famous
  • Your account category
  • Proof of attachment of ID card / ID.

After that, please wait for the verification process to appear, the length of the process depends on Instagram’s own policies.

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2. Give Verification Signs On Instagram Accounts

Comprandoseguidores Com

Here are the steps to get the instagram blue tick:

  1. The first step you have to do is please open the Instagram application on your Android.
  2. Then please go to the profile tab
  3. Next, please go to options or settings, and please look for the “report a problem” menu.
  4. Please select “Send Feedback”.
  5. Then please check on the Profile section and tap arrow.
  6. Please enter the words in the column as below:

“Hello Instagram, my name is xxxxxx I work as xxxxxx, Im famous in my city and many people know me, I want to ask for verified account badge so that people are easy to find me”.

(Change letters xxxxxx be your name and occupation).

  1. Next, please enter your photo ID so that the process can be faster. After that please wait for the confirmation process 1 – 4 weeks.

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