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How to enter verses of the Koran in the word is actually quite easy to do. And as you know, you are of course familiar with the Microsoft Word application.

And as you know, Microsoft Word is of course one of the most widely used word and document processing applications.

The document usually contains various words, numbers and symbols, but have you ever thought about being able to insert Quranic verses or Arabic writing into Microsoft Word.

And indeed, it is still rare for people to know how to enter Quranic verses into Microsoft Word worksheets.

So how to insert the Quranic verse in this word? Here’s the review!

How to Insert Al-Quran Verses in Word

How to Insert Al-Quran Verses in Word

Verses of the Quran in Word

Here we will also use an Add-In called the Quran in Word Add-In made by Mohamad Taufiq. This add-in can run on all types of Word.
Please you can download and install the Add-ins as usual, then follow the steps below.

1. Click Add-Ins

How to enter a verse of the Koran in this first word is by clicking Add-Ins.

Please open your Microsoft Word and select ADD-INS, then after that you will find the Add-Ins that you previously installed. Select Al-Quran and select Get Arabic or Translation of Al-Quran.

2. Select Surah and Verse

The way to enter a verse of the Koran in the second word is to select a letter and a verse. Then after that a dialog will appear, namely Select Surah and Ayah, here is a little explanation about the options that you can use:

Al-Quran: To enter a verse of the Koran
Surah : To select the surah you want to enter
Translation : To enter a translation
Verse : To enter any verse you want to enter
Verse Address : To display the name of the surah entered at the end of the verse
New Line : One verse one line.

3. Click OK

How to enter a verse of the Koran in the next word, you can click ok. If you want to display the meaning at the same time, then there are several choices of translation languages ​​that you can use. Check Indonesia-Bahasa-Indonesia-68.TXT, if everything is set, select OK.

4. Done

Here are the results Teknoinside got after using the method above. Here we will also choose Surah Al-Fatihah verses 1-7 as an example.

Done, now you have successfully entered the Quranic verse you want into Microsoft Word.

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How to Insert Al-Quran Verses into Word Online

How to enter verses of the Koran in the next word does not require and download additional applications or software to enter verses of the Koran into word.

You only need an internet connection because here we will also copy the verses of the Koran from the online Al-Quran site and then paste them into your Microsoft Word worksheet.

There are many online Al-Quran sites, one of which is the site and

If you want to copy one by one / verse by verse, then you can use the site because on this site, verses of the Koran are displayed by verse.

But if you want to include it per letter, you can use the site because on the site it is displayed per letter. Please pay attention to the following steps.

1. Visit the site

We ourselves will recommend using the site to insert Quranic verses into word. Please open the site.

2. Select Letter and Translation

After that, at the top there is a menu that you can use to select the letter and translation you want.

3. Copy the verse

And you can block the paragraph you want to copy then press CTRL + C or right click and select Copy.

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4. Paste into Word

Then after that, you can open your microsoft word worksheet and paste the verse by pressing CTRL + V or right click and select Paste.

You yourself can choose one of the methods above which you think is easy to use and according to the needs you face. If you have a smooth internet connection at home you can use the second method.

But if you rarely connect to the internet then you have to use the first method because the first method does not require an internet connection in the process.

How to enter verses of the Koran in word is quite helpful for those of you who may want to read the Koran via word or want to quote some verses of the Koran and want to insert them into Microsoft Word.

You can also share how to enter verses of the Koran in this word with your friends or relatives who want to know how to enter verses of the Koran in this word.

You can also use how to enter verses from the Koran in this word. Especially for those of you who work as Koran teachers or Islamic religious teachers.

Al-Quran is one of the guidelines for life for Muslims. And indeed there is no limit if you want to read anytime anywhere and by anyone who is Muslim.

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That was the information that we can convey about how to insert verses of the Koran in word. We hope that the information we provide can be useful for you readers.

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