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Day by day, the popularity of Android tablets is growing, and sometimes, it’s over that of smartphones. Most of us prefer a bigger screen for business issues or study purposes to have a comfortable experience. For them, a laptop is not that convenient and a little bit bigger, while a smartphone is not an option for its smaller screen. Tablets, for sure, are the best solution for any purpose. Now, you can do almost everything on your tab as modern technology combined the basic functions of a laptop and a smartphone and made this handy device. However, there are the best Android Tablet apps available on Playstore to make things easier for you.

Best Android Tablet Apps, You will Regret Not Having

Here, we will not talk about the basic apps you will never forget to install on your tab like Facebook, YouTube, etc. Instead, we will focus on the essential apps that most of us just forget to install or even don’t know about them at all.

The aim is just to boost your tablet using experience, and so, we tried our best to find out the most essential and popular apps for your Android Tablet. So, just look over the features, and you will learn which one you just need and which one you don’t.

1. Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint & More

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint & MoreWithout a doubt, Microsoft Office is the must-have app for any Android Tab. It is the lord among other word processing and documents apps available in the PlayStore. It works flawlessly on both Android tablets and phones, even on your PC, and does not have any issues with display size.

This app is free to access, but you will have to pay for unlimited premium access through the in-app purchases section. You will apparently get Excel, PowerPoint, etc., along with the vastly popular Microsoft Word. You will find almost all the features that you can access from a desktop computer.

Important Features

  • You can create and collaborate any word documents with your colleagues and partners at any time.
  • This app can convert PDF files to Word files and vice versa with just a few taps.
  • You can make supported documents just by taking pictures and inserting them from the camera roll.
  • It includes an advanced QR code scanner that allows you to scan QR codes with your tablet or phone and access the data or link.
  • You can create, edit or view any PDF file with this app on your Android tablet at ease.
  • It contains all the necessary professional-grade documents managing and producing tools in one place.

Pros: It comes in a compact package that saves the internal storage of your device. This app also includes real-time synchronization and cloud-based data-saving facilities.


2. Google Duo – High-Quality Video Calls

Google Duo - High-Quality Video CallsGoogle Duo is one of the best apps for Android Tablet for its unparalleled communication capabilities. It is launched by Google LLC, the same company that makes your device’s operating system. So, you don’t have to worry about any compatibility issues. It works seamlessly on both phones and tablets.

With Google Duo, you can make a video call to your peers, friends, and anyone in the highest possible quality. Additionally, your security and privacy will be kept by the most advanced data encryption technology. Check out more of its useful features in the following section.

Important Features

  • It supports group calls which allow up to 32 people to communicate simultaneously.
  • This app eventually supports receiving calls from multiple devices from the same Google Duo account.
  • You can capture photos while on a video call to save precious or informative moments.
  • It offers different modes of calling, and one of the most interesting ones is the family mode with lots of fun tools.
  • You can initially send files, photos, videos, notes, emojis, and media files using this app.
  • It is available on almost all popular platforms, so you can call anyone using different platforms, such as iOS, iPadOS, Android, and vice versa.

Pros: It is indeed free to use and does not require any payments for any of the features. You can also share video messages with your friends and colleagues within the app UI.

Cons: Some users faced connection issues and defective sound quality in audio and video calls.


3. Netflix

NetflixFor movie lovers, I have the next option to prefer. Netflix will be the best suit for its superior collection of media in one place. It is a hub for dramas, movies, series, Wenshows, and much more. In addition, it works on almost all the updated Android tablets and phones with media streaming support.

You can watch your favorite show anytime, anywhere with it. You will require a good quality internet connection to watch media without any hiccups. This app requires monthly subscriptions to access its huge collection. The in-app purchases section includes all the necessary payment requirements.

Important Features

  • It initially offers a full-screen view with HD quality audio video streams on your hand.
  • This app eventually includes an advanced search panel for quick access to the desired content.
  • It apparently integrates a safe watching mode for kids.
  • You can enjoy numerous shows with your family members by using family-friendly mode.
  • You will get notifications when new episodes, movies add up to the database.
  • It suggests similar shows and the latest releases according to your viewing history.

Pros: It allows making up to 5 different profiles to use the same account within the family members with personal preferences. You can download different shows on your tablet to watch them while remaining offline.


4. Pinterest

Pinterest, Android Tablet appsIf you have a great sense of fashion and trends, you must learn about new ideas. And all the unique ideas from people worldwide are pinned in an app that works better on any updated Android tablet. Of course, I am talking about the popular app for Android Tablet, Pinterest. Whatever topic you are interested in, this app will bring unique ideas of the same issue before you. The user interface on tablet and mobile is nearly the same, and some users even think the tablet version is pretty good, apparently.

Important Features

  • Both images and videos on ideas and pins are available in this app.
  • You will find pins on fashion, cooking, architecture, interior design, film, anime, drawing, and what’s not.
  • It also lets you save any pins, both image and video files, on the folders. You can eventually make an unlimited number of folders as well.
  • Here, you will have your own account. You can comment and even upload images as pins too.
  • Sharing a pin is a matter of a few clicks only with this app.
  • An optimized search engine will indeed find whatever you are looking for.

Pros: One-click download option will let you download any image from the app. Eventually, you can download images with high-quality graphics and original size too.

Cons: There is no option to download video files from this app.


5. Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer File ManagerRemote storage browsing is a lot more convenient with Solid Explorer File Manager. You will get a music player, image viewer, text editor within the app. Your collection is arranged by each type like downloads, Documents, Recents, and Apps. You can analyze storage to know which files are consuming much space. Additionally, the app simply connects with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and more. Keyboard and mouse input works with Chromebook.

Important Features

  • With this app, you can navigate and manage files from main storage, USB OTG, SD card, etc.
  • It initially supports major network protocols FTP, WebDav, SFTP, and SMB (Samba).
  • Strong encryption gives you security with fingerprint and password.
  • If your device is rooted, root explorer will let you browse system files.
  • A huge personalization facility is available for icon sets and themes.
  • You will get archive support for ZIP, RAR, 7ZIP, and TAR files.

Pros: When you are looking for files on your device, you can instantly check with an Indexed search. Moreover, you will get assistance for naming patterns and FTP Server.

Cons: Zip handling seemed problematic to some users.


6. HD camera – Video, Panorama, Filters, Photo Editors

HD camera - Video, Panorama, Filters, Photo EditorsUsing an Android Tablet is so popular that some people don’t carry a phone and just use their tablet for the big screen facility. But most of the Tablets don’t have better camera functions. But how can this be an issue for selfie lovers? You can just try an HD camera to enjoy unlimited functions on video, filter, photo editing, and so on. Even you can take panorama shots using your Tablet’s stock camera with the help of this app. So let’s see what’s more it will offer to provide you a better photo experience.

Important Features

  • You can take photos with low-light or backlit scenes using the HDR+ functions.
  • More than 60 different filters are available in this app.
  • The panorama shot function is very smooth and easy.
  • The video recording function is indeed better than any ordinary video recording app. Eventually, it supports gorgeous video filters too.
  • A complete edition toolkit is available here, includes ISO, white balance option, resizing, blur the background, exposure adjustment, vignette, HDR effect, etc.
  • You can share and upload your photos directly from this app.

Pros: Whatever the size of your device is, this app will cope with it. Initially, it supports all camera and screen ratios with any kind of resolution effects.

Cons: You may have to face a glitchy effect that annoys some of the users.


7. LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager, Android Tablet appsDo not bother about remembering your passwords anymore, as LastPass Password Manager will do it for you. A protective password manager is eventually one of the essential apps for Android Tablet. Here, you can track personal information in notes. App logins and web browser autofill is easier with the app. Again, you can create online shopping profiles and more. There is no chance of getting locked out of accounts or password reset hassles. The master password of this app is the only one you need to remember.

Important Features

  • This app has an encrypted vault where you can save passwords and usernames.
  • Automatic fill-in of password works whenever you visit sites.
  • Information of credit card numbers, health insurance cards are safe here
  • For quick access, you can indeed log in with your fingerprint.
  • You can share passwords such as WiFi passwords, cable login, etc., with others.
  • The built-in password generator can create passwords with a tap.

Pros: Multi-factor authentication adds a second layer of protection for extra security on your account. Initially, the app will synchronize data across all your devices.

Cons: You cannot search your vault With the floating autofill function.


8. Gmail

GmailLet’s talk about the most popular built-in email app from Google. Gmail is the one for sure, and I do not doubt that you already have this app on your device. Still, I need to remember it as many Tablets don’t have this app from the beginning. Well, it works with air without an internet connection in your device. You can instantly read and respond to your important emails easily. The search feature helps you to find any email within a few moments. You can mark some helpful mails as starred. Draft saves your incomplete mails.

Important Features

  • You will have an organized inbox where you will receive messages according to your priority list.
  • Social and promotional messages are divided into different categories.
  • Up to 15GB of storage is available without spending a penny.
  • Here you will get multiple account support using a single device.
  • Non-Gmail addresses such as Yahoo Mail,, or any other IMAP/POP email are supported.

Pros: For the important messages, you will receive push notifications. And if there is any spam, the app will block that before it hits your inbox.

Cons: The built-in spell checker is not always correct


9. Gboard – the Google Keyboard

Gboard - the Google Keyboard, Android Tablet appsThis Smart keyboard from Google is worth considering as the best apps for Android Tablets. Indeed, for any of your devices, you will need a convenient keyboard app for sure. Gboard is reliable and assists you in typing at a faster speed. You can pick from a lot of themes for the background. Even you can customize it with a picture from your gallery. If you have a large screen on your tablet, you can pin the keyboard to the left or right side. Also, you can customize the sticker with your own facial reaction.

Important Features

  • The keyboard has a glide typing feature that lets you quickly type just by sliding from letter to letter.
  • It allows voice typing so that you can simply dictate text on the go.
  • Your cursive handwriting and printed letters can transform into typing.
  • If you are looking for quick emojis, you can use a search tool to get them instantly.
  • Interesting and funny gifs for any reaction are available to share with others.
  • You can translate while typing with the help of Google Translate.

Pros: A variety of language options are in this keyboard, including Chinese, Italian, German, Korean, etc. Additionally, you will get Multilingual support so that you don’t have to switch between languages manually.

Cons: Some users found a lack of a thumb keyboard for landscape mode.


10. Flipboard – Latest News, Top Stories, and Lifestyle

Flipboard - Latest News, Top Stories, and LifestyleBeing updated with the reliable and latest news is among the duties of a sincere citizen. With Flipboard, you will have it all covered. You will find all your favorite topics together here. All the trending stories, sports podcasts, and many more to discover. You can save an article to read that later whenever you get time. Top publishers such as CNN, TechCrunch, Forbes, ESPN, etc., will provide news. Even you can get the local news as well. Again, here you will find celebrity interviews too.

Important Features

  • News, lifestyle magazines, tech, entertainment, sports with headlines, and events are all here.
  • Hundreds of publishers, producers, and TV stations allow you to watch their videos.
  • Especially 20 selected video channels are in this app to explore.
  • Smart Magazines are fully personalizable, combining people, sources, hashtags, etc.
  • The editions are updated daily, and you can collect specific stories and themes.
  • In the feed, you can select more than 9 magazines for quick access.

Pros: You will get up-to-date news from National Geographic, New York Times, Vanity Fair, etc. Initially, you can follow each other here.

Cons: This app users often complain about having excessive advertisements.


11. Microsoft Outlook: Secure emails, calendar, and files

Microsoft Outlook: Secure emails, calendar, and filesNext, we have Microsoft Outlook that we cannot help mention on the best Android tablet apps. Indeed, it is the best email app with so many functions. First, it offers you an effective place to arrange all your email accounts. This app automatically detects the files that are threatening to your tablets, like viruses or malware. Your data is encrypted end to end and protected with high security. Also, the interface is very clean and intuitive.

Important Features

  • In the inbox, you have all the emails sorted out with priority.
  • This app supports Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo, Office 365, etc.
  • If you want to find any particular thing, you can easily search for the contact, files, and upcoming trips.
  • Within a minute, you can schedule, archive, or delete your messages.
  • You can attach files from Dropbox, OneDrive, etc., in this app.
  • A single tap is enough to share the time when you are available for the meeting.

Pros: Here, you can open and edit documents from Word, Excel, etc. In addition, you can get all the apps you need like Facebook, Trello, Evernote, and many more.

Cons: You can not change the priority of an email.


12. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle, Android Tablet appsAmazon Kindle brings a huge collection of more than six million books, newspapers, magazines, manga, comics, and more for all the bookworms. Different genres such as romance, religion, science fiction, children’s books are all here.

Newly released books are updated frequently. Bestsellers of Amazon Charts are here for you to find. In addition, you can listen to the audiobook version of any book. And, you will receive notifications whenever your favorite author releases something new.

Important Features

  • You can read in a way that makes you feel comfortable with the personalization of font type, text size, orientation, alignment, etc.
  • Both day and night modes are eventually available with background colors and brightness adjustments.
  • Built-in dictionary, instant translations, Wikipedia lookup, X-Ray are available.
  • Your reading progress is indicated with original page numbers, percentage, and remaining time, depending on your reading speed.
  • Here, you can take notes in your notebook or highlight the parts you like.
  • If you want to visit a page again, you can bookmark that.

Pros: Page Flip and the bird’s-eye view is indeed something different to try. Moreover, the book will synchronize through all of your devices along with the bookmarks, left off, and highlights.

Cons: Some users found an issue that there are some untitled books which you cannot open.


13. Adobe Lightroom – Photo Editor and Pro Camera

Adobe Lightroom - Photo Editor and Pro CameraLoaded with a huge editing feature, Adobe Lightroom provides selective adjustments. In this powerful photo editing app, you will get guided tutorials from other photographers to learn better. In addition, you can add graphical watermarks. Customization options are numerous. Plus, you can instantly search for relevant photos with particular objects in them and sort them out. Personalized content, preset combinations are apparently offered in this app. You can take your skills to the next level with this advanced processing.

Important Features

  • Powerful editing tools include geometry sliders, guided upright, crop, rotate, and more.
  • You can compare your edited picture with the real one for perfect adjustments.
  • There are a bunch of filters and presets, and you can apply any of those to your photos.
  • Healing Brush lets you remove unnecessary spots.
  • Indeed, the built-in pro camera has a timer, exposure, raw, HDR mode, and a lot more.
  • With Adobe Sensei AI, you can arrange the photos based on the objects in them.

Pros: You can initially create a group album and share it with other users. Furthermore, you have a cloud-based service here.

Cons: This app is not recommended for beginners as it is a little complicated and preferable for professionals.


14. Feedly – Smarter News Reader

Feedly - Smarter News Reader, Android Tablet appsFeedly is a place where you can organize blogs, YouTube channels, and even your publications. You can learn about new topics, companies, and brands from trusted sources. Again, you will get inspiration from numerous blogs about entrepreneurship, photography, baking, and so on. Additionally, you can set and control your own priority list as per your taste. Also, you can save the articles you like and want to check out again in the future.

Important Features

  • Here, you can read magazines, blogs, and other content on different topics, including marketing, technology, business, media, etc.
  • You are free to read and include an RSS feed anytime.
  • In the search bar, you can initially find the feed you are looking for by URL.
  • Helpful integrations like OneNote, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn are available.
  • This app lets you browse and discover popular blogs and topics on your tablet.
  • Simply you can share stories with teammates and others.

Pros: The interface is indeed clean, and that’s why it’s pretty easier to use. Besides, you can read the articles in night mode too.

Cons: There is no proportional scroll bar in the articles.


15. Comics

ComicsSmart lists of Comics let you simply navigate your library anywhere. If you join the community with millions of members, you can become a part of this digital comic hub. There is a wish list where you can add books that you would like to read in the future. Plus, the interface is clean and user-friendly. So, beginners can easily start their comic reading journey with this app. Still not impressed? The following details will initially get your attention.

Important Features

  • More than 100,000 digital comics, graphic novels, and more are here.
  • Mangas from famous Marvel, DC, Image, etc., are eventually available.
  • Different genres, including sci-fi, superheroes, horror, crime noir, and so on to explore.
  • For an immersive and cinematic reading experience, you can use the Guided View option.
  • All your downloaded books are initially storable on the SD card.
  • You can initially log in with Amazon to get more comics from Kindle.

Pros: No internet connection is indeed needed to use this app. And, your purchased books are accessible from all your devices.

Cons: The app users have complained about being unresponsive at times.


16. Moon+ Reader

Moon+ ReaderThe dreamy title of the app Moon+ Reader has got everything you will need inside a reading app. It is widely known as one of the best apps for Android tablets as it has full visual options featuring font scale, alpha colors, line space, justified alignment, and more. Five types of auto-scroll mode, brightness adjustment is here as well.

If you are reading for a long time, you can enable the “Keep your eyes health” option. Intelligent paragraphs will cut out unnecessary blank spaces. Flip animations are applicable with page-turning effect, personalized color, and speed.

Important Features

  • Thousands of ebooks in the library with a dynamic book reader control are available for free.
  • More than 10 themes are initially applicable with both Day and Night mode.
  • About 15 customized events apparently include bookmark, search, font size, navigation, and so on.
  • Up to 24 operations are totally personalizable such as hardware keys, screen click, swipe gesture, etc.
  • You can even highlight or annotate a specific portion of a paragraph.
  • This app supports PDF, EPUB, DOCX, HTML, MOBI, ZIP or OPDS, RAR, and many more.
  • It has over 40 localized language assistance along with English.

Pros: EPUB3 provides multimedia content support for audio and video. There are indeed various types of paging, for instance, volume keys, touch screens, etc.

Cons: You have to change the default color of highlights every time manually.


17. Google Keep

Google Keep, Android Tablet appsNow, you can keep any of your notes on the official Google note app, Google Keep. If you tend to use the simplest notepad on your Android Tablet, probably nothing will work better than this app. Additionally, this app is free of charge, and you can open an unlimited number of folders as a note. However, you can synchronize this app with all smart devices and then use it smoothly on your pc, tablet, and smartphone. Besides, you can take a note instantly with a few clicks in a few seconds.

Important Features

  • This app lets you customize the notes. For example, you can use tons of color variants as the background.
  • You can pin your important notes and unpin them with only one click.
  • Don’t want a note anymore? You can either move them to the truth or send them to the archive list.
  • You can initially use any of your keyboards on this app to take notes.
  • It lets you send the notes to the Google Doc files and collaborate with others.
  • You can apparently use an unlimited number of undo and redo options while taking notes.
  • Also, you can use voice input to have speech-to-text facilities.

Pros: You can draw anything on the notepad too. Eventually, you will get tons of drawings and sketching tools here to make something great.

Cons: Sometimes, the archive folder doesn’t load timely.


18. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

Duolingo: Learn Languages FreeAn educational app like Duolingo is a fun learning app, and obviously, it is well-known as one of the best Android Tablet apps. It boosts your language learning skill with efficiency. Spanish, German, English, Italian, Russian, and many more languages are totally free of learning in this app. Additionally, you can practice the instant bite-sized lessons whenever you want. So you can prepare yourself to get into real conversations in different languages.

Important Features

  • More than 35 languages are indeed easy to learn with grammar and vocabulary.
  • This game helps you with skills like speaking, listening, writing, reading, etc.
  • It is crafted by language experts and has a scientific teaching method.
  • To make an effort more productive, there are indeed tons of interesting characters to assist you.
  • Here, you will get inspiration for the development of long-term language retention.
  • Achievements and rewards make it more playful to practice daily.

Pros: You can indeed join the language community of Duolingo. Also, you will know how much you proceeded towards your goal.

Cons: The app does not explain grammar.


19. Boost for Reddit

Boost for redditA different browsing experience is offered in Boost for Reddit. With the app, you will get the best content of the famous social news site. Moreover, tons of moderation tools are apparently available for subreddit moderators. You can indeed switch between various view modes. In addition, this app lets you do a lot more such as spoiler support, Modtools, sync it supports, multi-Reddit’s editing, etc. Besides, you can change the download folder per-file type and preview text formatting as well.

Important Features

  • You will eventually get a personalizable browsing interface for each subreddit like image gallery, mini cards, compact list, etc.
  • There are indeed a lot of in-app media previews such as images, gfycat, gifs, and so on.
  • You can simply share and download videos and albums in this handy Reddit app.
  • Up to 70 colors, including Amoled themes, light and dark colors, etc., are initially available for themes.
  • You can filter the posts by content type like an album, image, videos, or subreddit like domain, keywords, author, etc.
  • Comments are color-coded, and you can collapse or expand comment threads.

Pros: Multiple accounts are eventually supported with protected OAuth2 login. Moreover, you can save posts for quick access.

Cons: Some users complained that the app becomes slower when loading the 1st page.


20. Phone Cleaner – Android Clean, Master Antivirus

Phone Cleaner - Android Clean, Master Antivirus, Android Tablet appsFinally, we are closing the list with another essential app, a Phone Cleaner. Apparently, a cleaner app is a must for any of your devices. However, this cleaning mechanism works magically to clean your device and free up more space.

Additionally, this app hides unnecessary notifications, and you can delete them with just a tap. Besides, you can scan and sort out the duplicate photos in the gallery. Therefore you can select which one you want to delete and which one to keep. And, you have a built-in CPU cleaner too.

Important Features

  • The cleaner apparently analyzes your Android Tablet and removes junk, cache, residual, temp files, and more.
  • It provides real-time security against viruses with the antivirus and scanner for free.
  • The booster will instantly clean background tasks and free up RAM with a single tap or even just by shaking.
  • Your privacy is initially maintained properly as the app serves as a Security Browser.
  • Unauthorized connections and fake WIFI are quickly detected here.
  • App Lock will add extra security with pattern passwords for sensitive apps.

Pros: Intelligent file manager allows you to select and share files easily. Initially, you can optimize your CPU usage with this app.



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