3 Tips to Increase Laptop PC RAM


Adding laptop RAM is very necessary so that the performance of a laptop PC increases. On this occasion we will review some tips that you can do to increase the RAM of your laptop PC. Curious how? Here’s the review:

Adding Laptop Ram

How to Increase Laptop RAM

1. Go to Control Panel

The first tip is to add RAM to your laptop, please click start then select “computer / this pc right click” then select properties. Next, please click Advanced system settings.

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2. SWAP RAM Settings

The second tip is that you click on the Advanced tab, then please click on settings. On the Advanced tab, please select it and click change.

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3. Set RAM Size

The third step is to set the RAM size. In the words Automatically, please remove the checklist and select the hard drive that will be used as Virtual RAM then click custom size. After that, please fill in the initial size of 4000MB and the maximum size of 8000MB so that the PC/laptop performance is good, then click OK and restart the laptop.

In addition to the tips above, you can also add RAM to your laptop with a flash drive. Curious how? Here are the steps:

  1. The first step you have to do is please prepare the Flashdisk according to the requirements above.
  2. Then please enter the flash drive into the plug or port on the PC. Make sure to insert it according to where it should be plugged in.
  3. After the flash has been inserted, please open My Computer and proceed by right-clicking on the flash.
  4. After you see the menu section on Removable Disk properties, then you select the section ReadyBoost.
  5. Then please select “use this device” and specify the amount or how much flash memory will be used to be a maximum external ram of 4000MB.
  6. Next, please click OK to continue, then you will automatically have the ram that you have selected for the capacity.

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