3 Ways to Overcome Unreadable External Hard Drive


One of the most dreaded problems is an unreadable external hard drive. This is because when the hard drive is completely damaged, the data on your hard drive cannot be saved.

Actually what is the cause of an unreadable external hard drive? Here are some reasons why the external hard drive is unreadable.

1. Windows Doesn’t Recognize Drive

The first cause of an unreadable external hard drive is that Windows does not recognize the drive. When the HDD is connected to Windows automatically, it will immediately recognize and read the HDD. If it can’t recognize it, then there may be a problem with the system settings.

2. USB Cable Problem

The second cause is the problem with the USB cable. To connect between an External HDD and your PC or Laptop, you need a USB cable. There are 2 (two) functions, namely the data cable and the power cable, if one is damaged it can affect the other.

3. Due to Fall

The second cause is a component that is very susceptible to shocks, if it falls it can greatly affect the Drive to become a Bad Sector.

4. Hard disk is old

The fourth reason is that the hard drive is old. If your HDD has been used for more than 5 (five) years, don’t be surprised if it suddenly breaks.

5. Loose Hard Drive Case

The fifth cause is a loose hard drive casing. In the HDD case there is a SATA port with a coverter to USB, if the case is loose. Then this can cause the external HDD to be unreadable by the computer.

Now that you know the cause, then you have to know how to solve an unreadable external hard drive. Curious how? Here’s the review.

Unreadable External Hard Drive

How to Fix Unreadable External Hard Drive

1. Reset Disk Management

The first way to solve an unreadable external hard drive is to reset disk management. Here are the steps:

  • The first step you have to do is in the Windows Search column, please type Disk Management -> then open Disk Management
  • After that, please check if your HDD is detected not there?
  • If you then please you right click the driver -> then please click Delete Volume
  • Then please right-click the Format result -> then click New Simple Volume.
  • Next, please follow the instructions to completion, for Drive format please select FAT32.

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2. Switch USB Port

The second way to solve an unreadable external hard drive is to move the USB port. Every computer and laptop must have provided more than one USB port. Each port has a different delivery quality. For example, the USB port on the back of the computer is better than the USB port on the front case. You need to make sure if the HDD is connected to the correct port or if needed, please move the port until it is read.

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3. Perform Low Level Format

The third way to overcome an unreadable external hard drive is to do a low level format. Low Level Format is a formatting process that is intended to clean HDD data until it is completely clean (100% clean). Here are the steps to perform Low Level Format:

  1. The first step you have to do is please download the software first.
  2. Then please install and open the software
  3. Please select the External HDD in the list. Next Continue to start Format

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