4 Easy Ways to Use Tulung Percoyo Instagram Filters I Love You


Instagram filters are booming again for any Instagram social media users.

This time the viral IG filter is Tulung Percoyo I Love You. Very unique right?

At this time, there is a lot of video content on Tiktok social media that has been created using Tulung Percoyo’s I Love Awakmu IG filter.

You can also use IG filters to create Tiktok content using these interesting words.

If you want to follow the filter by using this term, then you should listen to the article that we present at this time.

Because in this article we will discuss how to use the Tulung Percoyo I Love Awakmu IG filter.

That way you will know how to make this IG filter, as well as being able to put it into practice.

Therefore, you should read this article carefully

Instagram Filter Name Tulung Percoyo I Love You

Instagram filters

Tiktok videos using the song Tulung Percoyo Aku Sayang Awakmu are being intensively on Tiktok and on other social media.

In addition, you can also enliven videos that use these words on Tiktok social media.

Well, for how to make Tiktok use these words, it will be easier if you use the Ig filter

If you use the IG filter, then you don’t need to add songs, nor do you need to add zoom effects or other effects.

You can also make a video with those words using the Dear Awakmu X Zoom filter from @rizal_ariant.

This filter is equipped with Tulung Percoyo I Love Awakmu, beautiful effects and zoom effects.

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How to Use Tulung Percoyo Instagram Filter I Love You

Using the Tulung Percoyo I Love Awakmu IG filter is not difficult. You can definitely make it.

Here’s how to use a viral Instagram filter:

  1. The first step you have to do is you need to open your IG social media, then enter the IG story column, continue by clicking the name of one of the filters you have.
  2. Then press the Search Effects button, then you just type the name of the filter Tulung Percoyo I Love Your Awak. If so, then you can try by clicking the try button.
  3. Then press the button shaped like a down arrow to download the Tulung Percoyo I Love Awakmu filter, then continue by clicking the Try button.
  4. After that, record a video using the Tulung Percoyo I Love Awakmu filter. then you can upload the video to social media Tiktok or other social media that have.

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That’s the way to use the Tulung Percoyo I Love Awakmu Instagram filter.

Thank you for reading on my Esports

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