4 Tips to Get Free Shopee Shipping

Maybe some of you are asking how to get free shopee shipping? As is well known that shopee is one of the popular marketplaces and is a favorite of many people.

The reason, of course, is because shopee offers a variety of excellent features and programs. One of the advantages of Shopee is that it often offers free shipping promos.

Of course you are curious to get free shopee shipping, right? If you don’t know how to get free shopee shipping, then you don’t need to worry. On this occasion, we will discuss some tips to get free shopee shipping. Here’s the review.

Free Shipping Shopee

Tips to Get Free Shipping Shopee

1. Open and go to Shopee Login

Tips for Activating Shopee Food Driver Ringtone

The first tip is, please open the Shopee application and click the account menu in the lower right corner. After that, please tap on the option Login, enter your email and password for your respective account. Then you just click Login to enter.

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2. Register for the Free Shipping Program

The second tip, after you have successfully entered, then on the home page tap on the Free Shipping menu. Then please scroll down and click List of Free Shipping Programs. Fill in the NIK correctly, including a photo of you holding your KTP.

3. Submit Data

The third tip to get free shopee shipping is please you Send, and please wait for the process by Shopee. Once approved, your store will get a free shipping program.

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4. Done

If you want free shipping products from shopee, then you can try the steps above. Later you will get a notification when you have been accepted into the free shipping program.

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