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4 Ways to Eliminate Vocal Sounds on Android Phones


Eliminating vocal sounds on Android phones is actually not a difficult thing. If you want to turn a song into an instrument using an Android smartphone, you can use an application from a third party. You can use a singer voice remover application in a song, one of which is the Vocal Remover for Karaoke application. Curious how to remove vocals on an Android phone? Here’s the review.

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How to Remove Vowels on Android Phones

1. Install the Application

The first step you have to do to get rid of vocals on an Android phone is to download Vocal Remover for Karaoke. You can download this application through the Playstore or search for the APK on Google. After that, please install and open the installed application.

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2. Select a Song

The second step after opening, please select the song you want to convert into karaoke format and remove the singer’s voice. After that, please slide the switch on the Remove Vocals from off to on. Next, please adjust the settings by sliding the slide below it.

3. Export File

The third step to get rid of vocals on an Android phone is to export the file. After you find the right settings, please select the export icon at the top right. Then please specify the name of the new file and then OK. The file will be saved in the Vocal Remover for Karaoke folder on your Sdcard.

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4. Play Results

Please you can try to play the file that has been saved earlier for karaoke.

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