4 Ways to Know Typing Speed

Knowing the actual typing speed can be done easily. In today’s era, of course, you must have done typing activity. This typing activity is usually inseparable from the keyboard.

Keyboard is a tool used for typing. This typing activity is a basic thing that must be mastered by computer users. Many people practice to be able to type using 10 fingers.

To find out your typing speed, you can use a typing speed test website, for example 10fastfingers. How to know typing speed with 10fastfingers? Here’s the review.

Knowing Typing Speed

How to Know Typing Speed

1. Open the 10Fasfingers Website

The first step you have to do is please visit the website to check the writing speed, namely 10fastfinger.

2. Choose Typing Test

The second step is to choose a typing test. There are several menus that you can choose to test typing speed. Please choose which Typing Test (Top 200 words). There you will see the words under which there is a column to type.

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3. Start Typing

The third step is to start typing. You can start typing the words contained in the column provided for typing. You will be given time for 1 minute to type as many words as possible according to the word guide contained there.

Every word you write correctly will be green, while if there are errors in typing or pressing the keys it will be red.

Thus you need to maximize the potential you have and try not to make too many mistakes in pressing the keys, because this will reduce your results later.

In addition, you need to try as little as possible not to press the backspace button a lot. This is because s will have an impact on wasted time due to correcting a lot of errors.

Actually you can delete the writing that is wrong, then you delete it by pressing backspace. However, we suggest that if you notice an error in the typing, please continue until it is finished so that time is not wasted.

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4. Typing Speed ​​Results

Furthermore, after 1 minute has passed, the results will appear or how fast you type based on what you have typed during the last minute. There is a description of the total number of characters typed, accuracy, correct words, wrong words, and so on.

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