4 Ways to Make a Green Tick On WhatsApp

How to make a green tick on Whatsapp easily. As you know, WhatsApp has indeed become one of the most popular short messaging applications and is a must-have for today’s smartphone users.

WhatsApp itself is one application that is very easy and also simple to use for beginners. WhatsApp has an attractive and simple appearance compared to other applications.

Until now, there is one advantage that WhatsApp users who have an online sales business can take advantage of. And the advantage of this is that there is a verified Badge feature or a green check which is a sign of verification for special or top priority users.

How to activate it itself is very easy and simple with just a few terms and conditions. However, this important feature itself can only be obtained for mandatory users such as government agencies, public figures, businesses, and others.

And for more details on how to make a green WhatsApp tick, you can immediately see and see the following explanation.

So how to make this green tick in Whatsapp? Here’s the review!

How to make a green tick on whatsapp

How to make a green tick on whatsapp

What is a Green Check on Whatsapp?

The Whatsapp Verified Badge or commonly referred to as the Green Check is one of the important symbols indicating that the account used by Whatsapp users has been verified.

Because when the Whatsapp account used is verified, it will be more secure and trusted by other users. This Verified Badge itself will usually be easier to give to certain users who have met the terms and conditions.

And of course this is based on the legality of a mandatory institution, company, business. So, this green check itself can not just anyone to get it.

In essence, this green tick itself is only intended for special Whatsapp users such as. Government Institutions, Big Companies, Public Figures, Business.

So, this verification sign itself is certainly different from other social media such as Instagram which can be obtained for individuals. With the Verified Badge or the green tick itself, it is intended that important companies can easily get credibility.

In addition, so that customers who want to buy products can be safer and more comfortable without any element of fraud.

How to make a green tick on whatsapp

How to make a green tick on Whatsapp is indeed easy to use. For you WhatsApp Business account users or those who have a business to be more popular and trusted by Whatsapp users.

This is one of the convenience things that you can do so that your account can be verified or green ticked so that customers can be more confident and safe to buy goods in your marketplace.

And indeed the method is very easy and simple for you to follow. However, if there are still some of you who still don’t understand how, please see and follow the steps below.

1.Verify Business Account

The initial step that you have to do for how to make a green tick on Whatsapp is by connecting your account to Facebook Business Manager. Before that, there is one important requirement that you need to have, namely NPWP and SIUP first.

Because NPWP and SIUP themselves have a function to easily show that the goods being sold are not illegal and safe.

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2.Using Official Business Partner Whatsapp

At the next stage when you want to make a way to make a green tick on Whatsapp, not all personal accounts can be registered with their personal numbers directly to the Whatsapp parties. And the good thing is that you can directly use your Whatsapp account through the WhatsApp Official Business Partner (BSP) while registering.

Because BSP Whatsapp itself is one of the most widely used Official Whatsapp by various people.

That way, you can still more easily get Verified compared to using a private number.

3. Registering the Whatsapp Number Used

How to make a green tick on Whatsapp has the next step, namely registering the whatsapp number used. And what you need to do is register directly the number you want to use with Whatsapp to be used as a real company number.

However, at this stage it would be nice for you to be able to directly use the BSP Whatsapp service because it can quickly help the account Verified process.

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4.Get Verified or Green Tick

After you have finished doing all the procedures and mechanisms that apply in the Whatsapp application. Then the next time you just have to wait for the Verified process to be completed with a fairly long period of time and not a moment.

As usual, when you have fulfilled all the terms and conditions that apply when registering, verified / green ticked the Business account. Then it will automatically appear in the WhatsApp company name section that you submitted.

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Benefits When Account Verified Badge or Green Tick

After you have finished making the Whatsapp account creation process so that it is verified or has a green check. And this is the time for what you need to know, namely the benefits and advantages when your Whatsapp Business account has a green tick.

Please, you can see and see the full explanation regarding the benefits of the green check on the following Business account.

  • Can build a level of business credibility created by using a capital that is not too high. Because this happens when the business account you have is verified or has a green tick that can attract Business partners and other customers easily.
  • Reducing the nature of doubts for customers because this Business account has been verified or a green tick is an important sign for an official and trusted institution/company.
  • The green tick Whatsapp account users can be easily assisted or facilitated to be able to set up CRM because the official Whatsapp can already be directly connected to the application with CRM.
  • Can increase sales and branding easily and for free, because companies will automatically appear in the comments column in the customer chat.
  • Business accounts that have been verified or have green ticks can be easily found by customers and other business partners.

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How to Make a Green Tick Emoji on Whatsapp

Well, now for those of you who still have a Whatsapp account but still get obstacles when they are not verified or have a green tick. You can still make a sign that the Verified account is fake which is usually used to deceive your own friends and relatives.

  • First of all, please open and log into the Whatsapp account that you previously had.
  • If so, then click the Settings Menu option in Whatsapp.
  • Next, scroll down, look for the Whatsapp Profile Name option, and then please change the account name as you wish.
  • The last stage, please, you can immediately put a green check mark on the profile name section. The trick is to click the symbol to add a green emoticon, then select the symbol type emoji category and click the green tick.
  • Done good luck.

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How to make a green tick on Whatsapp itself is actually quite easy to do. And as you know, WhatsApp has indeed become one of the most widely used social media applications.

WhatsApp has become one of the applications that are widely used and many people want to use how to make a green tick on Whatsapp.

How to make a green tick on Whatsapp is indeed quite easy to do but not just anyone can do it. How to make a green tick on Whatsapp is really wanted by many people.

That was the information we could convey about How to make a green tick on Whatsapp. We hope that the information we provide can be useful for you readers.

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