5 Ways to Pay With OVO Cash


Paying with OVO cash is one of the impacts of the convenience of today’s technology. As we know that OVO cash is one of the most widely used digital wallets today. You can use this OVO cash to pay for several transactions, for example paying with OVO cash when shopping at Alfamart or when shopping online and other transactions.

Then do you know how to pay with OVO cash? If you don’t know it then you can read this article to the end.

Pay With Ovo Cash

How to Pay with OVO Cash

1. Have the OVO Cash App

The first step you have to do to pay with OVO cash is that you must have the OVO cash application. If you don’t have the ovo cash application, then you must first download and install this application on your cellphone. For those of you who already have it, please register your account. The trick is that you just fill in personal data such as name, address, phone number, active email and after that you have to enter the OTP code that was sent.

2. Top up OVO Cash Balance

The second step is to fill in the OVO cash balance. Like other electronic wallets, you have to top up your OVO Cash balance or top up. You can top up your OVO cash balance at Alfamart, Indomaret, bank transfer, mobile banking, internet banking, and SMS banking. In addition, you are also required to ensure that your ovo cash balance is sufficient to pay off the existing invoice.

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3. Paying Bills with OVO Cash

The third step is paying with OVO cash, namely paying bills with OVO cash. After you top up the balance in OVO Cash, then please pay the bill using OVO cash, for example the Bukalapak bill. If you have finished shopping at Bukalapak, then please pay for it using OVO Cash by transfer.

4. Choose an Account Number

The fourth step is choosing an account. Please choose To Bank Account and select Banks. You have to choose according to what you choose in the Bukalapak payment method, for example, you choose transfer to Bank BRI.

You can see the account number on the purchase invoice at Bukalapak. Please enter the desired account number, for example, we give an example of a transfer to a Bukalapak account number. Make sure you have sufficient balance to pay off your invoice. After that select Transfer.

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5. Check Transfer News

The last step to pay with OVO cash is to check the transfer news. Please wait a few moments until the transfer process is complete. If the message “Successful” appears, then you have successfully made the transfer.

By using this ovo cash, you will not be charged admin fees when transferring to any bank account, when you top up your balance there will also be no fees, so you can save money.

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