5 Ways to Unblock Instagram Account


How to unblock an Instagram account is actually quite easy to do. And as you know, Instagram has become one of the most used applications or social media.

Instagram was created with the aim of allowing users to share photos and pictures or videos with each other. You can also broadcast live or live on your own account.

You can also exchange private messages or commonly known as Direct Messages or Instagram DMs. In addition to the features above, Instagram also provides an account block feature.

Block Instagram accounts are usually used to block one of the accounts belonging to someone we don’t like. After being blocked, the account that has been blocked earlier becomes unable to find out the activities and contents in our Instagram account.

So how to unblock this Instagram account? Here’s the review!

5 Ways to Unblock Instagram Account

How to Unblock Instagram Account

Tips or Steps to Unblock Instagram Account

If you think about how to unblock Instagram, of course it will be difficult to unblock it, right?

And on this occasion we want to share how to unblock ig, just look at the article below further:

1. Open Instagram

The first step, you can open your Instagram account through the Instagram application on your smartphone. Furthermore, if you are in the Instagram application using your own account.

2. Open Direct Message (DM)

Next, you can go to the DM section which is located in the airplane image section in the right corner of your Instagram application or by swiping your screen to the left.

3. Enter Username

Then, you can also press the plus (+) button in the upper right corner of the DM section.

After that you can enter in the @username section your account name and the username of the account name you want to unblock. Next, please press send or send.

4. Go to Account Profile

If you have, you can enter the profile of the account that will be unblocked via the message in the DM (click on the profile photo).

5. Select Unblock

Then if you are already on the account profile, it will say Unblock or Unblock, please click the button. If there is a confirmation message to unblock, my friend, just click agree.

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How to Unblock Instagram Account Via Browser

And for the second method, it’s very easy to try, you can try it on an Android cellphone or laptop PC, the way is to simply follow the way to unblock ig as follows.

1. Login Instagram

First, you can open your Instagram account via a browser, and you can access it at Then you can log in to your Instagram account.

2. Open Blocked Account

If you are already logged into your friend’s Instagram account, the next step is to type in the URL column of the ig account that you want to unblock.

3. Select Unblock

Then if you are already on the profile of the account you want to unblock, the next step is to click on the Unblock or Unblock button on the account.

After that a confirmation will appear to unblock it, please press OK or yes.

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How to unblock an Instagram account is actually quite easy for you to do further. And Instagram has become one of the social media that is widely used by users.

In addition, Instagram is also currently one of the applications that has its own way for its users to be able to linger in the application. Its newest feature is Reels.

Reels itself is indeed one of the newest features that are widely used today. And become one of the newest competitors of TikTok. And you also can’t see the Reels of the person you blocked.

How to unblock an Instagram account is quite important for those of you who want to block someone’s Instagram. Instagram account is currently one of the easiest ways to get to know someone from the photos and videos posted on their own account.

Instagram itself has an algorithm that will also make you connect with people in your contacts further. None other than with qualified people with you.

You can also use this way of unblocking an Instagram account if you don’t like one account and want the account to be back on your smartphone homepage.

How to Unblock Instagram Accounts is also commonly used by Instagram users who have bad relationships with each other and want to restore their relationship well.


There are two ways that you can use to unblock an Instagram account. And indeed by using the Instagram application and using a browser.

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That was the information we could convey about how to unblock an Instagram account. We hope that the information we provide can be useful for you readers.

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