6 Ways to Send Files With SHARE It on Android Phones


Sending files with SHARE it is actually not that difficult to do. As we know that SHARE it is a file transfer application that has similarities to Bluetooth. This application can usually be used to send documents, songs, pictures and more.

However, there is a difference between SHARE it and Bluetooth, if SHARE it can be used to send applications while Bluetooth cannot. How to send files with SHARE it is also very easy to do. Curious how to send files with SHARE it? Here’s the review.

Files With Share It

How to Send Files with SHARE it on an Android phone

1. Install SHARE it

The first way to send files with SHARE it is to make sure both the phone (receiver) and (sender) have the SHARE it application installed.

2. Open SHARE it

After that, please open SHARE it. For file recipients click Receive.

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3. Send File

The next step, if you will use the phone to send files, please click Send or send.

4. Select File or Application

The fourth step is to send a file with SHARE it, please select the file or application you want to send. For example, if you want to send an apk file then you select apps, then please select the file and tap Next.

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5. Select Recipient

The fifth step is please select the recipient. After you do the fourth step, several avatars of the active SHARE it users will appear. Please select the destination you want to send the application file to. Please click the name of the recipient you want to send the file or application to.

6. Shipping Process

Please wait for the process to finish. If the sending process is complete, on the recipient’s cellphone it will say “install on the application that has been sent”

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