7 Ways to Download Files on Scribd


Downloading files on Scribd is actually not a difficult thing to do. As we know, Scribd is a website for sharing document files. Examples are thesis, assignment documents, presentation documents, and other documents.

Many people find the document they are looking for on Scribd. However, it is not uncommon for them to be confused about how to download files on Scribd because they have to login first. But actually without logging in, you can download the files you need more easily. Curious how to download files on Scribd? Here’s the review.

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How to Download Files on Scribd

1. Copy Link

The first step you have to do to download a file on Scribd is to copy the link. Make sure you have found the file you need, then please copy or copy the link to the Scribd document file. We give an example for you, for example the link of the document you want to download is https://www.scribd(.)com/document/336688107/TUGAS-HUKUM

2. Open the Download Site

The second step you have to do is open the download site. Please copy the link to the Scribd document that you want to download.

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3. Entering the Document Link

The Kryiga step to download the file on Scribd is to enter the document link. Please enter the document link from Scribd that you have copied into the column provided.

4. Processing and Validation

The fourth step is processing and validation. After you enter the link that you copied earlier, then please click the GET LINK button that is available. After that, please click the box I’m Not a Robot.

5. Start Document Download

The next step that must be done is to download the document from the Scribd. Please Click Download PDF.

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6. Processing the Download Link

After you click the button Download PDF, please wait a few seconds. The length of time it takes to download depends on the size of the downloaded Scribd document file. Please wait until the button appears again Download PDF along with the file size.

7. Done Downloading

The last step to download files on Scribd is click the Download PDF button which is in the lower left corner. Document files from Scribd will be automatically downloaded, done.

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