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This face blur application is actually quite easy for you to use. This photo editing application is actually quite a lot of talk and also a lot of talk.

And indeed many people are looking for features that can be used to give a blur effect to photos. And when you take a photo or video object, sometimes you want to disguise someone’s face by using a blur effect.

You can directly download and see a list of applications that are currently very popular for you to use through Android and IOS smartphone devices.

So how about this face blur App? Here’s the review!

Face Blur App

Face Blur App

For you users of Android and IOS smartphone devices. Of course, if you already know that it is currently being discussed by many people, especially for photo editing lovers.

So, for those of you who are looking for a photo editing application that already has a face blur feature, you can immediately see a list of applications and the download link below.

1. PicsArt Photo Studio

The first face blur application is PicsArt Photo Studio. This application itself is very busy being discussed by many people, especially for photo editing lovers.

Of course, the application itself already has cool features that you can use as support when editing photos. The main features themselves are such as adjusting color sharpness, saturation, and other features.

And when you use the PicsArt application, you can easily make your photos look like using a DSLR camera. In addition, the feature that you need to try when using this application is the existence of a feature that is very popular today, namely the blur feature, which can produce images that remain focused on one point only.

2. Photo Editor Pro

The second face blur application is Photo Editor Pro. You can also use this application easily and simply. Especially for users who want to produce better image quality than before.

Like adding a few retouches in order to improve the quality of a better photo. Not only that, you can also easily add sticker features, text, blur effects, and more.

3. Iphoto

The third face blur application is IPhoto. This application itself can create a blur effect which is currently being developed directly by the Apple Inc. company.

So for users of Iphone devices it is very suitable to use this one editing application. And if you already have a variety of features that are very complete and can provide support when doing your photo editing process.

The main feature that can make this application popular is that there are many menu options and settings that can make your photos look more trendy.

Not only that, but there are still a few more menus that you don’t need to doubt. For those of you who are interested, you can make those who are interested can directly download it via the AppStore.

4. Camera Plus

Camera Plus is a face blur application that has good quality and cool editing results. That way, you lovers of creative photo editing and already love the world of photography are very suitable for using Camera Plus.

And there is no need to hesitate anymore by downloading this one application. And of course you will be able to easily explore your creativity to get rich results that are more unique than others.

The features of this application are also very diverse, ranging from ordinary features to premium features that are easy for you to use.

However, it is very unfortunate for those of you who want to use the Camera Plus application, you can go directly to Google Playstore by paying Rp. 9,500.

5. PhotoPad

PhotoPad is a face blur application that is currently very popular in all circles, especially for photo editing lovers. This application itself was developed directly by ZAGG which has added many kinds of its main features, such as contrast effects, color salturation, sketches, chrome effects, face blur, and others.

And of course it will be very different from other photo editing applications. And if those who make this are interested in using this application, you can directly download it via the Google Playstore for free.

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6. Camera 360 Ultimate

And of course you already know and download this face blur application to be used as one of the photo editing options to produce photos that are cooler than the original.

In this application, of course, it already has the ultimate 360 ​​camera feature which is a legendary application that is still very popular. By using the 360 ​​ultimate feature, you can immediately produce selfie photos that are very good to look at.

In addition, you can easily give a blur effect to someone’s face object in the photo. And for Android users, you can easily use this one application, by downloading it through the Google Playstore.

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7. ObsurCam

Obsurcam itself is an application that is commonly used to edit facial blur on parts of objects in photos or videos via Android devices for free.

And what you need to know is that this application itself was developed by someone called the Guardian Project.

To get this application is also very easy, because you only need to download it through the Google Playstore. And it will be very unfortunate because this application is still not available on IOS devices.

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8. Snapseed

Snapseed is a photo blur application that you can use to do cool photo editing according to your own wishes. Because of its popularity, of course it will not escape the various excellent features that are available for free in this application.

And with cool features, it can make it easier for you to get maximum photos from the original. There is one cool and very popular feature in this application, namely the photo blur effect.

Of course, with this snapseed, you can make it easier to do blur editing on the part of the photo that is in the object of the photo being edited.

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9. Mosaic Pixelate Censor Photo

Mosaic Pixelate Censor Photo is a face blur application that is already available and you can use it for free on your Android device. In accordance with the name of this application, you can use it to give a blur effect or it can also be scary, the effect of someone’s face who doesn’t want their identity to be known in the photos you have.

In addition, this application itself is very minimal with 4 basic options that you can use to give a color effect, mosaic to pixelate.

For those of you who are interested in this application, you can directly download it via Google Playstore.

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That was the information we can convey about the face blur application. We hope that the information we provide can be useful for you readers.

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