9 Ways to Update Efaktur Invoice 3.1 2022


Efaktur is an official application from the Directorate General of Taxes or what is usually abbreviated as DGT.

This application serves to create, issue and also to report invoices regarding taxes and SPT reports.

Recently, the Directorate General has issued the latest version of the E-invoice application, namely the e-faktur version 3.1.

If you want to update your e-invoice, then it’s better for you to listen to the article that we share.

Because in this article, we will discuss about how to update efaktur 3.1.

That way, you will get knowledge about updating e-invoices and you can immediately update the e-invoices that you have.

Therefore, you must listen to this article carefully, so that you can update it immediately.

New Features Efaktur 3.1

E invoicing

e-invoice version 3.1 was officially issued by the DGT. For this version there are updates that have been made in this latest version of the e-invoice.

if you are still using the e-invoice version 3.0 then at this time you must immediately update your e-invoice to version 3.1.

Because version 3.1 has the latest features that you can take advantage of when accessing this application.

The following are the features contained in the e-invoice application version 3.1:

  • There is a prepopulated CSV download menu.
  • PMSE document input
  • PM crediting tax assessment
  • There is SPBB validation when making a tax invoice 07 regional goods entry

Download Efaktur 3.1

To download the latest version of this e-invoice, you can download it through the official website of the DGT e-invoice.

But sometimes when you download through the official site, sometimes an error occurs.

So that when you download the e-invoice version 3.1 there is no error, then you can download the latest e-invoice via the link that we will share at the bottom of this article.

You must ensure that the application you download is the latest version of the e-invoice application, which is version 3.1 according to the operating system currently used.

The following is a link that you can use to download the e-invoice application version 3.1.

it is a link that you can use to download the e-invoice version 3.1, so that there are no more errors when downloading it.

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How to Update Efaktur 3.1

When you have finished downloading the latest version of the e-invoice application, then you must immediately update it.

The way to update this application is also very easy.

Here’s how to update the e-invoice app:

  1. Back up and copy the db of the old version of the e-invoice.
  2. Download the e-invoice patch 3.1 from the link above.
  3. Extract e-invoice zip patch file
  4. Open the extracted e-invoice folder.
  5. Right click on etaxinvoice.exe, select run as administrator, select yes.
  6. Updated e-invoice, then log in.
  7. Put the electronic certificate file into the invoice folder 3.1
  8. Click the reference menu, click certificate administration, press open, select your electronic certificate.
  9. Enter the certificate passphrase, click Ok, press Save.

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This is how to update the invoice version 3.1.

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