Beyond Live, Here are 6 Easy Ways to Login


Beyond Live is an application that you can use to watch Korean artist concerts online.

In this application, many free concerts are presented that you can watch.

One of the concerts available on this application is the SMCU 2022 concert which will be held on January 1, 2022.

In this concert you can watch performances from NCT, Asepa, EXO, Suju, Shinee and others.

If you are one of those people who are interested in watching SMCU Express @Kwangya 2022, then you should listen to the article that we present.

Because in the article that we wrote, we will explain clearly about how to login on Beyond Live.

So that you don’t have trouble watching it, you need to read this article carefully.

Especially if you like K-pop, of course you don’t want to miss watching your idols’ concerts.

So, you must read this article to the end.

Beyond Live

Beyond Live

For those of you who are still unfamiliar with this name, you must be wondering what application is this?

So the Beyon Live application is an application that you can use to watch concerts online or online.

In this application, there are many live concerts from Korean artists.

What appears in this application is a Korean artist whose name has soared and is known by many people.

Korean artists who will appear include: Day6, EXO, NCT and other top Korean artists.

If you really want to watch the SMCU 2022 concert or what is known as a Kpop concert for free, then you should take advantage of this application.

Because this application provides the facility to watch your favorite Korean artist concerts.

How to Download Beyond Live

You can download the Beyon live application via the Google Play Store, for iOS users, you can download it via the App Store.

For the size of this application, it can be classified as medium, not too small and not too big.

This size makes the storage space not need a lot.

Here we provide a link that you can use to download the application:

For Android users:

For ios users:

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How to Login Beyond Live

How to login in this application is very easy, you can of course login in the way we will provide.

Here is a method you can follow:

  1. Download and install the Beyond application from the link we have provided above.
  2. Click the profile icon at the top, then accept the permissions needed first.
  3. Click the login method you want, you can use Google, Fc, or others.
  4. In the Please Select a Location section, click Other Countreis, enter your name, nicname and email address.
  5. Check your terms conditions, click next.
  6. login is complete, click the Back to Main Page button.

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This is how to login in the Beyond Live application.

Thank you for reading on my Esports

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