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WSJ Reports on Concerns Voiced by CNN Anchors Regarding Boss Chris Licht

CNN anchors are reportedly voicing their concerns over the network’s boss, Chris Licht, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. The report argues that CNN is experiencing a “leadership crisis” as news anchors begin to lose faith in Licht’s ability to manage the network amidst an increasingly partisan news cycle.

The report implies that Licht’s leadership style has caused tension within the newsroom. According to the report, “several anchors and reporters have complained to colleagues that Mr. Licht, who took over as head of CNN’s programming in 2019, has micromanaged coverage and business decisions, at times undermining his staff and leading to what they see as a lack of collaboration and trust.”

One anonymous CNN anchor described Licht’s leadership as “bullying,” adding that he is “not popular with many people there.” Others reportedly described Licht’s leadership style as “autocratic” and said he has taken an overly negative tone towards internal staff members.

Licht has a long history in the television industry, and his leadership has been instrumental in developing several popular programs such as Morning Joe on MSNBC and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS. However, the report suggests that his style may not be as effective in the unpredictable world of cable news, where he has been seen as too rigid in his approach to managing the news cycle.

However, according to the same report, CNN employees are not unanimously against their boss. Licht has reportedly made several popular decisions, such as promoting more diversity in programming and steering the network towards an emphasis on breaking news.

CNN is one of the largest and most trusted news networks in the world, and it has had its share of successes and challenges through the years. However, this latest report suggests that it may be facing a significant challenge in the form of its own leadership. As the network continues to grapple with the ongoing effects of extreme partisanship and digital disruption, it remains to be seen whether Chris Licht will be a part of CNN’s future or whether the network will need to look elsewhere for leadership.

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