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Reportedly, a majority of Russia’s elite believe that Putin cannot prevail in the war against Ukraine.

A report released by the Carnegie Moscow Center suggests that many of Russia’s elite believe that President Vladimir Putin can no longer win the war in Ukraine. The report claims that the Kremlin’s political and economic elites have concluded that a military victory is not possible and that the conflict with Ukraine is causing more harm than good.

The report, titled “The Anatomy of Russian Elite Views on the Ukrainian Conflict”, is based on interviews with insiders in Russia’s political, military, business and cultural circles. According to the report, the elites’ view of the conflict has shifted significantly over the past few years, from a belief in Russia’s military superiority to a realization that the conflict has become a costly burden on the Russian economy and reputation.

The report suggests that the elites’ views are not necessarily shared by Putin himself, who is said to have a personal commitment to Russia’s involvement in Ukraine. However, the report argues that the elites’ growing frustration with the conflict may put pressure on Putin to consider a diplomatic solution.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine began in 2014 when the Russian annexed Crimea and began supporting separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine. The war has since claimed more than 13,000 lives and displaced millions of people.

The report suggests that the elites’ disillusionment with the conflict is partly driven by economic factors. The sanctions imposed by Western countries in response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine have hit the Russian economy hard, and many in the elite see the conflict as a significant obstacle to Russia’s economic growth.

The report also suggests that the elites are concerned about the political consequences of the conflict. Russia’s ties with the West have deteriorated since the conflict began, and many fear that the conflict is damaging Russia’s global reputation and influence.

Overall, the report suggests that the elites’ shifting views on the conflict may provide an opportunity for a diplomatic solution. However, it remains to be seen whether Putin will be willing to compromise on Russia’s involvement in Ukraine.

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