Galaxy Watch3 Latest Update Comes To Verizon With Health Tracking Improvements


Samsung wearables are some of the best on the market, combining high quality hardware with exceptionally smooth and reliable software. Last year’s Galaxy Watch3 represents the latest Samsung has to offer, and the new software update now arriving for Verizon models brings some “handy” new features.

The Galaxy Watch3 now supports Samsung Health’s collaboration feature together, allowing users to share their fitness achievements and compete against each other. You will need to configure this in the application on your phone, choosing which tasks to take part in, and invite your friends to participate with you.

Once this is done, your watch will be able to show your progress in each task and its correspondence with the achievements of your friends. You can see this information in the Samsung Health app on your watch or by adding a widget to your watch home screen.

New sleep tracking screens

Sleep tracking has been slightly tweaked to add 100 points to all other information and graphs. The better your sleep quality, the closer to 100 you will get.

Automatic workout recognition has been improved: Watch3 only takes three minutes to detect running, rowing and elliptical workouts, compared to the ten minutes previously required.

Home workout tracking and instructions

Home workout videos have been added to the Health mobile app, and now your wearable device can help you with that. When one of the videos plays on your phone, the watch syncs with your workout, providing instructions and tracking your progress.

The Hand Wash app is now downloadable through the Galaxy Store, allowing the device to detect when you wash your hands and ensure you do it for long enough.

Finally, the dials have undergone a minor tweak: the seconds hand is not displayed when the always-on display is dimmed. Third party watch faces will not be affected.

This update should be available to Verizon users.

Galaxy Watch3

  • Verizon: R845 / R855USQU1BUB2, released on March 26th.

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