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GB WhatsApp Download gbwhatsapp latest version V18 against ban 2022

GbWhatsApp download method from WhatsApp Pocket with gb whatsapp Plus version for developer Omar Breathe Hwak and contains several copies and carries a lot of features WhatsApp Green GBwhatsapp with the latest new upgraded version

GB WhatsApp

important note for everyone: don’t delete the GB WhatsApp previous version 17.00 only all you have to do is download the new update 18.00 and install it above the previous version.

what’s new in GB WhatsApp version 18

  • ? GB WhatsApp rule update:
  • ? exclusively add the option to save media when activating the option not to save in the studio
  • ? add an option to hide the case load button from gp additions > privacy
  • ? add new lines iphone lines
  • ? activate the new form of contact information
  • ? activate other options to hide messages (24 hours, 7 days, 90 days)
  • ? add the option to view messages sent in groups
  • ? add notification option when you see status
  • ? re-add translation within the conversation live
  • ? add a choice to choose between interpretation and google translation
  • ? add the message counter on the page to see all messages sent by a particular person
  • ? add the option to clean all unhelpful files
  • ? fix the problem of not copying speech when downloading the status
  • ? fixing the back-up problem takes up a lot of space.
  • ? fix open the conversation by widgeite when you lock the conversation
  • ? repairing the phone connection option sometimes shows a number other than
  • ? fix the problem of collapse after updating in some devices
  • ? fixing the problem of the vib in the conversations doesn’t take the color of the theme.
  • ? fix the sound recording problem in some input styles
  • ? fix the problem of collapse in the translation feature sometimes
  • ? fix the feature of seeing all messages sent by a specific person in groups
  • ?improve translation for some in-app options
  • GB WhatsApp rule update to
  • ? add photo or video upload when sent once
  • ? add view of all messages sent by the contact in the group (click the name)
  • ? add the option of resetting privacy to solve the problem of delaying messages adds age > privacy
  • ? add explosive text inside conversations instead of old autotext
  • ? improve the transmission of photos and videos in high accuracy
  • ? add an option to change the color of the online point (age additions > the home screen > lines)
  • ? add the image quality control option before sending it (whatsapp settings, storage >, data, > image upload quality)
  • ? add the one-time image view disabling option
  • ? add the user’s show option not to open the image once
  • ? fix the chat show problem at the top
  • ? fix the problem of the line between conversations
  • ? fix the problem of hiding read more
  • ? fix whatsapp connectivity problem
  • ? fix call suspension problem in call history
  • ? fix does not show archive chat in the group
  • ? fix a large empty space in hidden chat and archived chat
  • ? fix the status transmission more than 30 seconds
  • ? more repairs and other improvements


?exclusive feature of disabling photos and videos only once – you can view any media file unlimited times instead of once

?add a button to download photos and videos that appear once

?fix sending more than 30 photos/ videos from the gallery

?fix the baking problems and you can install the update without any problems


  • GB WhatsApp rule update to
  • exclusively add voice message listening at different speeds by switching buttons while the message is running
  • exclusively add media transmission and view only once
  • add a new format for add-ons and ease of movement
  • add an option to change the location of the conversations archived up or down (additions, main screen and then lines)
  • add a new option in the add-on section to delete whatsapp waste
  • fix a delay problem in sending and receiving messages
  • fix the breakdown problem when cutting the video in case in all devices
  • more repairs and other improvements

GB WhatsApp features : –

  • *automatic response to all contacts
  • *add scheduled messages to send at any time you want
  • *add a notification feature from your witness
  • *add the notice feature of who changed the profile picture from the golden settings
  • *the possibility of changing facebook to facebook or twitter.
  • *turn long videos into easily allowable length clips on state/stori.
  • *the possibility of sending 100 images at once is the option of sending images in high accuracy.
  • *the possibility of sending a message message message to an unsashed number on your phone.
  • *many other features discover them yourself.
  • *supports all android devices.
  • *in addition to modern design and more features.
  • *use the fingerprint to lock any conversation as well as GB WhatsApp in general.
  • download astori case anyone
  • *hide the last appearance and blue health and hide that you have seen the status of anyone, and all privacy options.
  • *theme shop with more than 2400.

What’s new in the LATEST GBWhatsApp 2021 update

  • *exclusively add an option to run more than one account such as telegram
  • *exclusively add change the sound of the audio recording enter the conversation and then the 3 points and then change the sound
  • *exclusively add chat editing feature allows you to modify any conversation and change messages and messaging time
  • *exclusively add the option to hide the chats archived in blue whatsappgb (additions and features > the main screen > lines
  • *exclusively preview and confirmation added before the poster was sent
  • *add an option to delete downloaded emoji packages
  • *adding archived on the home screen now takes the color of the themes
  • *return the option of increasing the message conversion limit to more than 500 [activation on your personal responsibility] (additions and properties > more numbers > settings)
  • *return the option of increasing the size of the case to more than 10 minutes activate the option to download whatsapp uptodown first (additions and features > the main screen > status)
  • *return the feature of separating conversations from groups (additions and properties > the main screen > the top bar
  • *fix sending slow messages in groups
  • *fix the problem of sending slow messages in groups
  • *other repairs and improvements

how to download gb whatsapp?

The way and how to download GBWhatsApp is very easy and simple and you do not need to pay for download it is free, only all you have to do is go down to the end of the article and then click on the green whatsapp mobile and you will be directed to the download page GB WhatsApp yellow from the site Media Fire and this site is considered the easiest site to download and then click on the word download or Download in English and will be downloaded directly and the file will be saved in the form of telecharger GBwhatsapp apk in the form of telecharger GBwhatsapp apk in The internal volume of your phone.

how to install and activate gb whatsapp?

after downloading whatsapp gb green color we now come to the method of installation and the method of installation or installation is very easy compared to whatsapp golden application and other copies all you have to activate the option of installing from other sources of phone settings and then press whatsapp against prohibition and hacker and install it and then go to settings and then applications and activate all permissions and then open the satellites and enter your number and activate whats gold gb whatsapp black and use the same method in install my pocket telegram.

does whatsappgb work on the iphone?

Some users of modern green whatsapp use GB WhatsApp in Android or Samsung devices and when they buy an iPhone can not install the same version or version that is apk on the iPhone and the reason is that the programming of the iPhone is different from android programming and with the development of Apple versions and update algorithms and protection against hackers and hacking and spying it is very difficult for whatsapp developers to modify and develop a version that has been broadcast with the same features as WhatsApp Gold anyone who has developed failed Because it’s difficult to modify it because the company restricts its devices, the answer to the question will be that WhatsApp Plus Green “doesn’t work on the iPhone and don’t look too much for green whatsapp so you don’t tire yourself because the iPhone is restricted.”

How to update GB WhatsApp apk GB

download the whatsapp gold update to the latest version, download whatsapp omar breathe your air latest update against the ban from linking the direct download lotus jeep at the end of the article, then install whatsapp on your android phone, and enjoy all the modern features in the gb whatsapp plus update against the ban.


  • WHAT’S NEW IN V10.60
  • *whatsapp database update
  • *activate the option of self-disappearing messages
  • *add an option to stop automatic media downloading
  • *new message archiving options
  • *add case playback with audio (additions and properties > the main screen > case)
  • *add the feature of rejecting calls with mri and also rejecting calls without ringing (privacy > who can contact me)
  • *add a circle next to the name on the home page to see who is connected now
  • *add a blue sign when responding to groups in GB WhatsApp against the ban (automatically enabled using a normal blue mark in the reply option)
  • *you added a new user interface to copy text selection from the message bubble (select message> 3 points> select the message
  • *add advanced search
  • *add an option within archived messages for new messages archived to appear within the archived message list
  • add a long click on the content of the to copy the content
  • *fix the problem of not showing the correct boxes when activating the custom privacy
  • *fix the problem of collapse in devices when using message scheduling
  • *fix the problem of non-installation in some devices
  • *enjoy more and discover what’s new for yourself

What’s new in the GB WhatsApp update V10.55 GBWhatsApp

  1. whatsapp rule update
  2. exclusively, group message feature has been added in a new way and with the same old design
  3. add the archival message concealment feature (main screen > lines)
  4. add several options for floating button inside conversations (you can change color and hide the button)
  5. add the new attachment picker
  6. add navigation effects
  7. add the option to view the admin’s name in groups
  8. add an option to enable/disable the new attachment user interface (add-ons > conversation)
  9. add animation to the new facility
  10. add 5 input method
  11. add 16 bubble patterns
  12. add 14-mark style
  13. adding urdu
  14. add text copies of conversations that are automatically activated
  15. you can redirect messages to more than 1, 000 people.
  16. add the word “new” next to new entries/dishes/bubbles
  17. add an option to remove “read more …” and view long messages completely
  18. add an option to change the location of a notification from a caller (additions > the main screen)
  19. solve the user interface rotation problem
  20. Solve the “Rum” option problem in the new attached user interface. If FB Messenger is not installed, the code will change to the camera
  21. solve the unread counter problem (such as calls)
  22. further reforms

What’s new in the GB WhatsApp update with its latest features version V14.00

  • allows site to be shared with only one click
  • choosing messages and sending them to multiple contacts is easier
  • gb use quick reply to attend messages when they are not available for chat, or answer a question about templates.
  • gb ability to cancel multiple messages simultaneously
  • gp download the latest version of the latest august, the ability to easily copy the text status of your contacts
  • remove the “read more” tag from long messages and more.
  • whatsapp base development 2.20.158

new gps whatsapp pro start whatsapp plus whatsapp upb download whatsapp gb green program gb watts with a new live link version

  • update against the ban.
  • you can add GB WhatsApp stickers through our location’s marct apps.
  • add new lines you can use.
  • add new color icons
  • you can install 30 conversations on the home screen GB WhatsApp business.

gb whatsapp gbwhatsapp

last update gb whatsapp gbwhatsapp update whatsapp gb breathe hoak gbwhatsapp update the new version of the app g update gb whatsapp gbwhatsapp gb watts ban whatsapp update gb breathe the ban activate whatsapp pocket without downloading another whatsapp gb


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