Hot new renders showcase the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 in all its bezel-less glory


At the moment, it seems that everyone looking to buy a smartwatch is looking forward to the Galaxy Watch4. Samsung wearables have leaked countless times this year, even before the company teamed up with Google to help reinvent Wear OS. With several new leaks, we can get a better look at the Watch4, as well as some of its fitness potential.

With new renders courtesy of 91mobilesWe take a close look at Samsung’s first Wear OS device in years. In a weird turn of events, it turns out that the renders of the Galaxy Watch Active4 that we saw a couple of days ago actually showcase the Galaxy Watch4. This design seems like a significant departure from the look of the Watch3, ditching the signature rotating bezel to make it look much closer to the Watch Active2.

Judging from the images we saw, this could be a rebranding of Samsung’s smartwatch line, with the Watch4 being presented in both classic and active form factors and thus completely abandoning the Active3 model. If this is true, then most likely we are considering the “Active” option. This won’t be the first time a company has bypassed a product number – or ten – just to make things fit.

Apart from the lack of a bezel, the following Samsung watches look pretty good. The case is shown in silver, black and pink with several matching strap colors for customization. And while this leak doesn’t have a ton of screenshots, a few glimpses of Wear OS here are sure to be very similar to One UI.

The back of the watch showcases some of its characteristics, including the usual 40mm and 44mm sizes, 5 ATM water resistance, Gorilla Glass DX + covering the display, MIL-STD 810G robustness and, of course, built-in GPS. Earlier this week, Samsung teased “the future of smartwatches” with its virtual MWC event on Monday. With luck, the announcement of the company’s next generation wearables – or at least some tease – might not be far off.

However, this is not all we have learned about Watch4. According to a leak from AP member Max Weinbach, Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch may include bioelectrical impedance analysis (or BIA) sensor. BIA trackers are ideal for measuring body composition, using small electrical currents to compare body fat and muscle mass. This can go a long way towards getting users closer to achieving their ideal fitness goals. Samsung was issued a patent on the inclusion of the BIA monitor in wearable devices back in 2019.

If the Watch4 does come with a BIA sensor, it will be the first smartwatch of its kind to do so. Even the Apple Watch doesn’t support this technology, although at least one side group exists as a superstructure. Samsung’s next wearable device is starting to emerge as one of the most advanced fitness devices on the market. Back in January, rumors surfaced hinting that the next watch would also include a glucometer. When all the other various sensors from previous generations are considered, the Galaxy Watch4 can be an unrivaled health tracker.

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