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How to Check Updated Packages in Ubuntu


On Ubuntu, list package versions or use apt (apt list –upgradable command) to check the package version available on the system.

To update the list of packages in the Ubuntu repository; we run the command “sudo apt update” to update the list of packages in the repository. Similarly, to update pending packages, we run the command “sudo apt update”.

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

Get a list of updated packages in Ubuntu

To get a list of upgradable packages on Ubuntu Linux Systems, use the following command to print a list of packages that can be upgraded:

apt list --upgradable

This command is useful because it lists all the packages that can be updated. Once you have a complete list of packages to update, you can select the package/software that you want to update. Users can manually select and update one package or update multiple packages one by one.

Linux users can manually select and update an individual package using the following command:

sudo apt --only-upgrade install package_name

Note that the apt list –upgradable command may not list any new available kernel versions that need to be upgraded or upgraded.


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