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How to Download Music on mp3juices cc and io

Do you know what mp3juices is? Well, it is a website where you can download music and videos for free. It has a great advantage and that is that you can use this website from your computer or from your mobile, be it Android or iPhone. This website is one of the best options you have to download music and videos; but the best thing is that you can also listen to music online, if that is how you like it better. Another thing is that it is very easy to use, you should not complicate your life with difficult to use applications or websites; Take advantage of this tutorial with a few steps and learn how to download music on mp3 juices.

Download Music in mp3juices Step by Step

Have you gotten used to copying and pasting the links of the songs you love on YouTube to be able to download them from an application? Well, don’t do it anymore, with this website you will have everything you are looking for in one place, both songs and videos. Learn in this step by step how to download music on mp3juices.

What do you want to download in mp3juices?

The first thing you should know is what you want to download; You can have a list, either in physical or digital form, where you write down all the songs and videos that you want to have on your smartphone, tablet or computer. With this in mind, enter the mp3 juice website from the device where you want to save the downloads, or where it is easier for you. And since we consent to our users, here is the link so you can access it directly.

Once Inside the Website

Once you have accessed the link, you will see the interface to download music in mp3juices, which is not complicated at all. The first thing you will see will be the name: mp3juices MP3 and the slogan they use (1); immediately afterwards, you will notice the search engine or search bar (2), where you can enter the name of the artist or the song you are looking for; but if you prefer, you can let yourself go and explore the options that mp3juices himself gives you; for example, on its home page it mentions the most popular songs of the moment (3), the most listened to artists (4) and other interesting information.

Looking for music

In the search engine, as we mentioned before, what you should do is type the name of the song or artist that you want to listen to or download and click search. There you will see your results immediately (of course, depending on your internet speed), which are related to the search you have done.

Download or Listen?

Once you choose the song you like the most from the list, you have two options to select: listen (1) or options (2). If you choose the option to listen , a small YouTube video will automatically open and the option to download the video in mp4 format (3); although you can also download the audio in mp3 format (4).

On the other hand, if you choose to open the options , after 10 seconds you will see 3 download options: option 1 to download only the song (mp3); option 2 that allows you to choose the quality of the file, also only audio (mp3); and option 3 to download the video (in mp4 format).

Another option you have to download music in mp3juices is to simply listen to the songs that are played in the bar automatically. And voila, it’s that easy to have the video or song you want downloaded on your device; Or you can just let the player advance on its own while you work, exercise, drive, etc.

What Alternatives Are There To mp3juices?

We tell you the best websites as alternatives to mp3juices.


Goear is a website where you can listen and download music in mp3 format . You can do it easily and quickly. It is a reliable and totally free page. Something interesting is that you can put the song links on your blog and they will be activated with just one click.

Thousands of users share their music through this site, it works in a similar way to YouTube , the difference is that it only contains mp3 files. Goear gives you the option to search the songs by: artist, by title or by musical genre; and it also allows you to upload or host your own songs.

It offers quality music, from 128 kbps, 160 kbps, 192 kbps, 256 kbps and 320 bits or kbps, which makes the sounds or instruments of the songs more appreciated.

Goear Advantages

It is very easy to use and you do not need to register to search for songs and listen to music. It has a simple player. You can use Goear on iPhone, iPad and Android , which allows you to use it on both mobile devices and tablets. You can upload your own music and make contributions; For this you must register, or you can use your Facebook account

Another advantage is that if at any time you don’t know what to listen to, Goear orders the songs by categories; so you can just go to the style of music you want to listen and play; You can also share them on a website or through social networks.

How to Download Music with Goear?

You can download quickly and easily through the MioTraGusDownloader page . You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Goear search engine and type the title of the song, the artist, or both ; or also by the genre of what you want to download; all the options available to your search will immediately appear; select the one you want.
  2. You can search for them by kbps or quality; To do this, click on order by quality, in the bar identified for it . The melodies from higher to lower Kbps should be seen, also the duration time.
  3. The next thing is to copy the URL of the song .
  4. To download the option you’ve selected, open the myotragus page and paste the song’s URL from Goear’s address bar.
  5. The last step is to click on the blue words (song title and singer) that appeared to you; There should appear a player, click where it says download and in a short time you will be able to get the song you want.
  6. You can locate the song in the downloads folder .

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