How to Download Pinterest Videos


How to download Pinterest videos is actually quite easy to do. To download this Pinterest video, you can use the help of an application or an online downloader site. Although Pinterest itself already provides a feature to save, but it is only limited to saving in albums on your account profile. Not stored in phone memory. And by downloading Pinterest videos, you can use the help of applications, as well as online downloader sites. Even though Pinterest already provides a save feature, it is only limited to saving in the album on your account profile, not only stored in the cellphone memory. Pinterest is a platform containing popular images and videos from around the world. Pinterest is widely used as a place to find home design references, video tips and tutorials, product photo ideas and much more. If you are really interested in content on Pinterest, you can also download Pinterest videos in the following ways. So how to Download these Pinterest Videos? Here’s the review!

How to Download Pinterest Videos

How to Download Pinterest Videos

Download Pinterest Videos 4k

How to Download Pinterest Videos So that you get the best image quality, you can also download Pinterest 4K videos. Because this 4K video is a type of video with high quality, so you will not find blurry or unclear images. Another advantage of this 4k video is that if you want to compress videos with a smaller size, the quality of your videos can still be maintained or not too much of a difference. One of the popular sites for downloading Pinterest 4k videos is Youtube 4K Downloader. Even though it contains the word Youtube, this site can be used to download videos on Pinterest to the fullest. The resulting video quality can be selected from SD, FHD, Ultra HD and so on up to 4K quality. Here’s an easy way to download videos via Youtube4kDownloader.

  • Go to the site or via the app on mobile
  • Select the video you want to download
  • Click on the arrow icon facing up at the bottom of the video on the right
  • There are various options available such as FB, Twitter, Whatsapp and copy the link.
  • Select copy link
  • Go to the site
  • Paste the link that you copied in the link box provided
  • Press the green button that says Download
  • Set the storage area and wait a while until the download is complete

From the site above, you can download unlimited video downloads. You also don’t need to register first, because the site can be used immediately. You can also use various types of devices, whether Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC or MacBook.

Download Pinterest Videos On Iphone

Users of this iPhone device themselves may sometimes find it difficult to save videos from Pinterest, because the application in the App Store itself is quite limited which provides services for downloading Pinterest videos on iPhone. However, now you don’t need to be confused anymore, because you can take advantage of the online downloader site that we will share this time. Not only the iPhone, this site itself also allows users to access other Apple products such as MacBooks and iPads. Pinterest is not only liked by Android users, because the number of ratings for the Pinterest application on the App Store has even reached 4 million ratings with an average of 4.8 stars. So you don’t need to be surprised if many iPhone users are looking for ways to save videos and pictures from Pinterest.

  • Open the Pinterest application on your iPhone gadget
  • Copy the link of the video you want to save, click on the arrow button at the bottom of the video
  • Next visit the site
  • After that, you paste the link in the box and click the download button
  • Next, a video thumbnail will appear along with the available sizes
  • Please select the desired video size, then click the download link
  • Wait a few moments until the video notification appears successfully downloaded
  • You can also see the results of the video through the gallery or storage folder

This site provides tools to download videos, images and gif’s from Pinterest. You can also save content with quality up to HD quality and 720p.

How to Download Pinterest Videos Without Apk

How to Download Pinterest Videos  without this application itself is actually very possible. Many website developers are developing sites that can be accessed easily without the need for downloads first. The reason is that many website developers develop sites that can be accessed easily, without downloading them first. There are many who choose this option, because video downloading applications can reduce device memory. There are also several options for those who want to download videos without an application, including using an online downloader or from an extension in the browser. Both of these options have their advantages and disadvantages. Starting from the online downloader, you have to type the site first, but without the installation process. While extensions in browsers usually have automatic buttons that can be used at any time when opening the Pinterest site. Pinterest Video Downloader is one of the recommended online downloader sites to download Pinterest videos without an application. The steps are quite easy, you just copy the video url from Pinterest, then open the site and enter the video url in the box provided, finally click the download button.

How To Download Pinterest Videos On Chrome Easily

Chrome is one of the browsers that is quite popular today, chrome itself also has an extension feature that makes the work of its users easier. One of the extensions for downloading Pinterest videos is the Pinterest Video Downloader Extension.

  • Please type “Pinterest video downloader extension”
  • Open the link from google chrome
  • Then click add to chrome and wait for the Pinterest logo to appear in the upper right corner of the chrome window
  • Then go to the site
  • Then select the video you want to download
  • Click the Pinterest extension logo
  • Next, a download button will appear along with the size of the quality
  • Select the desired video quality, then click download
  • Finished

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Pinterest Video Downloader App

How to download this Pinterest video can also be done using the application. Pinterest video download applications are widely available on Google Play. This application has advantages over the web version. Some apps even offer a direct download option from their Pinterest app. So you don’t have to bother copying and pasting the url. You can immediately recommend the following application. Also read: How to Get Free Quota From the Government

All Video Downloader

As you know, the All Video Downloader application does function to download videos from all sources, including Pinterest. You can also do this easy way to download Pinterest videos with this application. The advantage of this application is that it can detect automatically when you are opening a video in certain applications. So a download icon will appear that you can press, when you want to save the video. You can also continue the pending download process, for example when the internet network is bad. You can download the All Video Downloader application on the Google Play Store for free. Also read: 5 Best Fake GPS Location Applications

Video Downloader for Pinterest

Video Downloader for Pinterest is an application that is suitable for you if you want to download this Pinterest video. This application itself is quite popular on Google Play with a total number of downloads of up to 1 million more. This app got a total of 121K user reviews giving it an average rating of 4.5. This means that this application itself has a good function for downloading videos from Pinterest. The file size is only 29 MB, so you won’t overburden your cellphone memory. Also read: The Best and Working AC Remote Application VidMate VidMate is an application for downloading videos from various social media, so it’s not just Pinterest. VidMate itself is not available on the Google Play platform, but you can download it easily from the internet. Even though this application is very well known, so many websites provide download links. You can use this method of downloading Pinterest videos yourself. You can also download any video from Pinterest. And of course with some options of its own. How to download Pinterest videos is your answer. You can also share this Pinterest video download with your friends or relatives. Especially those who still like to open this Pinterest application, it will be more profitable if they know how to download these Pinterest videos for their respective interests. Also read: 5 Android Piano Apps For Practice That was the information we could convey about how to download Pinterest videos. We hope that the information we provide can be useful for you readers. Thank you for visiting! Thank you for reading on my Esports

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