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How to Overcome Unreadable Contacts


How to deal with unreadable contacts is very easy to do. As you know, on this smartphone there may indeed often be problems when the sim contacts you have are not read by your smartphone.

We ourselves will provide a tutorial on how to deal with lost and unreadable contacts. Before continuing, you have to check it first, whether it’s just the sim contacts that are not being read or your sim card is not being read.

If it is certain that only your sim contacts are unreadable, then it can be ascertained that the contact application has an error. However, if all the settings data on your card such as provider name, signal and sim contacts are lost, then it could be that your sim card is damaged.

How to deal with unreadable contacts is quite important considering how to contact at this time must be by telephone or contact.

So how to solve these unread contacts? Here’s the review!

How to Overcome Unreadable Contacts

Unreadable Contacts

Actually, there are several ways that you can use to solve unreadable sim contacts on Android. The first way is to delete all Android cache files.

The second is by resetting the SIM contacts configuration section. And the third is to clean the contact storage. Please try the following method from the first method.

1. Clearing Cache Files

The first way to solve unreadable contacts is to delete cache files. Not only deleting the contacts application cache files, you are also required to delete all cache files in your android memory if possible, both on internal memory and on external memory.

To be able to remove it you can use a cleaning application such as Clean Master. You can use this application to quickly delete cache files with just 1 click.

After you carry out the cleaning process, please reboot your android and wait a while then see if the sim contacts have been read again or not.

Go to Settings menu >> Installed Apps >> Find Contacts app >> Clear data >> Clear cache.

If you use a different smartphone, maybe the method is also different, but it’s not much different, so please adjust it yourself.

And indeed as you know, this cache is indeed one of the garbage that must be thrown away, so you also have to frequently delete this cache further.

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2. Showing the Contacts Saved on the SIM Card

The next way to solve unreadable contacts is to display the contacts stored on the SIM card. If you’ve ever made changes and fiddled with the sim contact configuration, that might refer to all sim contacts that have completely disappeared.

So to make sure you can use the following method.

Go to the Settings menu >> Then select System apps >> Find the Contacts app >> Then go to Manage contact list >> Select All contacts.

Sometimes, this is often a problem because many save it on the SIM card and indeed some save it via email.

You can also do this way of dealing with unreadable contacts because it may be more influential.

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3. Delete All Contact Data on Android

The next way to solve unreadable contacts is to delete all contact data on Android. After you have tried method #1 and method #2 but it still doesn’t work, you can use the last method, which is to delete all contact data on your smartphone.

This method does look very risky, but you don’t need to worry if you backup all the contacts on your smartphone.

Backing up contacts is very important, this can indeed be the last way to restore your contacts again after cleaning contact data is complete.

Here are the steps.

Go to Settings >> then select System apps >> Select Contacts >> Import/Export contacts > then select Export to storage > Select OK.

After you backup, the next step is to delete all your android contact data, here are the steps.

Go to Settings >> Select the installed application >> How to contact >> Delete data >> Select Delete all data >> OK.

This method of dealing with unreadable contacts is also quite influential considering that the data in your contacts may still be available.

4. Recover Deleted Contacts

The next way to solve unreadable contacts is that you can restore deleted contacts. There are several steps that can be returned to contacts, one of which is by easily restoring contacts stored on a sim card or google account, for more details.

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By using the methods above, you can also solve the problem of unreadable sim contacts on Android. The method above is not 100% successful, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

But it never hurts to try the method above then you will know what the results will be.

You can use this method of dealing with unreadable contacts if you are confused about why your contacts just disappeared. And indeed there are many tips that you can do.

You can also share this way of dealing with unreadable contacts with your friends and family.

That was the information we could convey about how to deal with unreadable contacts. We hope that the information we provide can be useful for you readers.

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