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Instagram Reels Social Media Marketing Strategy 2022


New kid on the block – Instagram Reels. Since its launch in August 2020, this feature has taken the internet by storm. This is one of the reasons why you need to incorporate Reels into your marketing strategy. Find out more about why you should also do this here.

Many businesses are now using Instagram Reels in their marketing strategies. In 2021, this opportunity cannot be missed. The basics of Reels are very similar to the social media platform TikTok. These are short video clips of no more than 60 seconds in length, often with effects and music. This has proven to be a great feature for building brand awareness, audience engagement, and overall impact.

Learn more about why every digital marketer should use Reels in their marketing strategy for

First things first: create an outstanding Instagram account

Before you focus on building great coils, make sure you have an outstanding Instagram account. Name, bio and logo are very important and should take precedence. From here, you can create great content including funny and personal videos. Spend a little time and energy choosing a memorable name for your account. It should be something easy to write so that users can quickly find your account. Try to focus on choosing a creative and memorable name for all of your social media accounts. If you need naming inspiration for your business visit

Use drums to personalize your profile

In 2021, a unique online presence will be key. You want to make it personal, even if it’s a business. This is where coils are a great tool. You can let your followers take a look behind the scenes of your business. Show them things from everyday life in the office. Let them get to know your business people and they will become more loyal customers.

Showcase your products

Another thing that Reels is good at is product demo. You can showcase your products in a fun, engaging and personalized way so it doesn’t feel like you’re trying to sell something to your followers. It’s all about creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. You can use this feature to show how your products are being used in real life. This is a huge marketing opportunity that every company should take advantage of when using Instagram.

Interact and share custom content

One of the best things about Instagram Reels is the ability to connect with your followers. For businesses, this means that there is a unique opportunity to connect with customers and create a personal connection with them. In addition, it gives you a unique opportunity to share custom content on your profile. It is a way to make it easier for your customers to review your products by existing and potential buyers. It gives you the authenticity of your brand that is difficult to achieve anywhere else. If you need more tips, you can read more on how to use Instagram here.

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