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Eviction Looms for Israeli Man Who Dedicated Over 50 Years to Building a Cave Home

Title: A Remarkable Legacy Threatened: Israeli Man Built Cave Home Over 50 Years, but Now Faces Eviction


In a remote corner of the Israeli desert lies a unique testament to one man’s perseverance and ingenuity. For over five decades, Avshalom Avital has painstakingly carved out his own paradise, creating a remarkable cave home from the rocky terrain. However, despite the remarkable achievements and countless obstacles he has overcome, Avital now finds himself facing eviction. It is a story that encapsulates both the human spirit’s indomitable nature and the challenges faced by those who dare to live unconventionally.

Turning Adversity into Opportunity:

Avital’s journey began in the early 1970s when he purchased a plot of land in the cliffside region of Nitzana. Despite a lack of formal training or resources, he decided to create a living space that would blend seamlessly with nature’s beauty rather than disrupt it. Inspired by centuries-old cave dwellings, he began crafting his home by hand, utilizing only primitive tools.

The construction process was long and arduous, requiring him to chisel through dense rock, carve out living spaces, and create intricate passageways connecting different chambers. At times, progress was slow, and setbacks were abundant. Avital endured hardships, including limited access to electricity, water, and other basic amenities. However, living close to nature rewarded him with the serene surroundings and tranquility he cherished.

A Home Away from Society:

Avital’s cave dwelling became his refuge, offering a respite from the chaos of modern civilization. His awe-inspiring creation features multiple rooms, including a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and even a small library. Built into the natural rock formations, the interior is adorned with stunning sculptures, intricate carvings, and vibrant artwork. These personal touches showcase Avital’s inherent passion for aesthetics and his desire to create an oasis amid the barren desert landscape.

Facing Eviction:

Despite his astonishing achievements, Avital’s extraordinary home faces an uncertain future. The Israeli authorities argue that the cave home contravenes zoning regulations, questioning its structural safety and hindrance to potential archaeological exploration. In a classic clash between progress and preservation, the authorities have ordered Avital to vacate the premises.

For Avital, this eviction order represents not just the loss of his home but the destruction of a lifelong project’s legacy. He argues passionately about the uniqueness of his creation and how it respects the historical traditions of cave dwellers that once inhabited the region. To him, the cave isn’t just a home but a sanctuary that embodies a different way of life – one that is simple, harmonious with nature, and distant from the confines of modern society.

A Symbol of Relationship Between Man and Nature:

Avital’s extraordinary cave home transcends its physical boundaries and becomes a symbol of something much deeper. It represents the human desire for a connection with nature, a yearning to live outside the conventional norms imposed by society. By daring to build such a remarkable dwelling, Avital inspires us to question our own assumptions and pushes the boundaries of what is deemed possible.


The story of Avshalom Avital’s cave home showcases the triumph of human will in the face of adversity. For over 50 years, through sheer determination and creativity, he transformed a barren desert landscape into a breathtaking dwelling that has captivated the world. However, the imminent threat of eviction hangs ominously overhead, forcing us to reflect on the tension between personal endeavors and societal norms. The fate of Avital and his cave home remains uncertain, but his legacy lives on, reminding us that human ingenuity cannot be extinguished by bureaucratic red tape.

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