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Josh Hawley References Segregationist Newspaper on Independence Day

Title: Josh Hawley’s Troubling Affair: Quotes Segregationist Newspaper on Fourth of July


In a shocking turn of events, Senator Josh Hawley has come under fire for associating himself with a notorious segregationist newspaper on the Fourth of July. The revelation has left many Americans perplexed and concerned about the inherent racism underlying such a choice of association. This article delves into Hawley’s quotes and dissects the implications of his actions on the broader narrative of racial equality in the United States.

Hawley’s Quotations:

On a day that symbolizes freedom and united celebration for all Americans, Senator Hawley chose to share quotes from The Federalist in a tweet, a publication known for its racist views and segregationist tendencies. By aligning himself with such a newspaper, Hawley raises serious questions about his values and attentiveness to the shared struggles of marginalized communities in America.

Segregationist Tendencies:

The Federalist, founded by Thomas Jefferson, has a dark history rooted in white supremacy and the maintenance of segregation. Jefferson himself openly advocated for the expulsion or enslavement of African Americans, and his newspaper propagated ideas that rationalized these divisive and discriminatory practices. Citing this newspaper on such an occasion as the Fourth of July sends shivers down the spines of those who have fought tirelessly to progress beyond these racist ideologies.

Racial Equality Struggles in America:

The United States has long been grappling with the scars of its deeply ingrained history of racial inequality. From the horrors of slavery to the struggles of the Civil Rights Movement, people of color have tirelessly fought for their rights and equality. On a day like the Fourth of July, a time when we should be celebrating unity and progress, Hawley’s association with a segregationist newspaper is an affront to these ongoing efforts. It undermines the collective journey towards true racial equality for all Americans.

Implications of Hawley’s Actions:

By openly quoting The Federalist, Senator Hawley demonstrates a connection to a controversial publication known for perpetuating dangerous ideas regarding race. His choice of association symbolically legitimizes the publication’s ideology, making him complicit in promoting segregationist narratives. This is particularly concerning given his role as an elected representative accountable for upholding democratic values and representing the best interests of all his constituents.


Josh Hawley’s decision to quote a segregationist newspaper on the Fourth of July is more than just a political misstep; it is an endorsement of a disgraceful history. At a time when the nation is grappling with its past and actively working towards a better future, his alignment with such divisive rhetoric is a betrayal of the very principles that the Fourth of July should represent. As Americans, we must demand better from our elected officials and work towards creating an inclusive society that truly upholds the promise of liberty and justice for all.

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