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Recruiter: Gen-Z Applicants Face the Presence of Parents During Zoom Job Interviews

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the hiring process has undergone a massive transformation. The job interview, in particular, has shifted from in-person to virtual, with the use of video conferencing platforms such as Zoom. However, this has raised some concerns, particularly with Gen-Z applicants and their parents.

According to a recent report by CNBC, some recruitment professionals have reported an increase in parents attending and even influencing their child’s job interviews through Zoom. This behavior has become so common that recruiters have given it a name: “helicopter parenting 2.0.”

Parents are no longer content with simply dropping off and picking up their children from job interviews. Instead, they are hovering in the background, “lurking” on Zoom calls and even interjecting and answering questions on behalf of their child. This kind of involvement can be perceived as unprofessional and undermines the independence and decision-making abilities of young adults.

Helicopter parenting 2.0 is not only embarrassing for young adults but also detrimental to their job prospects. Employers want independent and confident employees who can take ownership of their work. If a candidate requires their parent’s assistance throughout a job interview, employers may worry that they will be overly reliant on others in the workplace.

Furthermore, parents who attend job interviews can also disrupt the recruitment process by asking irrelevant questions or providing unsolicited advice to the interviewer. This can prolong the interview and distract from the job candidate’s strengths and achievements.

It is crucial for parents to understand that their role in their child’s employment journey should be supportive, not intrusive. They should encourage their children to take control of their career paths and develop their independence. This may mean giving their children space to make mistakes and learn from them, rather than rushing to solve problems for them.

In conclusion, while video conferencing has made job interviews more accessible and convenient, it has also given rise to helicopter parenting 2.0. Parents need to respect the independence of their Gen-Z offspring and let them take ownership of their job interviews. Nurture independence, encourage decision-making, and applaud the courage to take steps forward; this will lead to their child’s long-term success both professionally and personally.

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