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Expert Claims Putin Unable to Dismiss Shoigu, Hence Deploying Him to ‘Glad Hand’ in North Korea

In a recent turn of events, Russian President Vladimir Putin, unable to directly fire Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, has supposedly resorted to a clever maneuver to remove him from his post temporarily. According to experts, Putin sent Shoigu on a diplomatic visit to North Korea, under the pretense of a “glad-handing” exercise.

The alleged move comes amidst growing tensions between Putin and Shoigu, who is widely regarded as a popular and influential figure in Russia. Known for his no-nonsense approach and strong leadership, Shoigu has played a significant role in shaping Russia’s military strategy and transforming the once-weakened armed forces.

However, Shoigu’s rising popularity and independent decision-making style has reportedly clashed with Putin’s authoritative grip on power. The president, bound by political constraints and popular support for his defense minister, could not simply dismiss Shoigu without facing potential backlash.

Hence, the strategic decision to send Shoigu on a diplomatic mission to North Korea is seen as an indirect way for Putin to temporarily remove him from his crucial role as defense minister. By orchestrating this mission, Putin can effectively sideline Shoigu, keeping him occupied with diplomatic obligations far from Russia’s defense affairs.

Of course, this maneuver may also serve other purposes beyond Putin’s desire to control Shoigu’s influence. North Korea, a longstanding ally of Russia, presents an opportunity for Putin to foster closer ties, expand Russia’s geopolitical influence, and potentially gain leverage over the international community. Sending Shoigu to engage in diplomatic conversations and negotiations could further bolster Russia’s relationships with other countries, especially in the context of North Korea’s ongoing nuclear program.

While this move might seem like an ingenious plan on Putin’s part, it is not without its risks. Shoigu’s charismatic and firm presence in North Korea could potentially overshadow Putin’s attempts to strengthen ties with Kim Jong-un’s regime. Moreover, Shoigu’s expertise in defense matters could prove invaluable in a region plagued by geopolitical tensions and missile tests.

Experts also speculate about the long-term consequences of Putin’s action. By sending one of his most trusted and respected officials away, the president risks damaging the stability and confidence within Russia’s defense establishment. Shoigu’s temporary absence may create a void that could impact the strategic decision-making processes within the country’s military leadership.

In conclusion, Putin’s decision to send Defense Minister Shoigu on a diplomatic mission to North Korea, under the guise of a “glad-handing” exercise, is seen by experts as a clever maneuver to keep him away from Russia’s defense affairs. While the move may provide political advantages for Putin, it also raises concerns about the stability and confidence within the nation’s defense establishment. Only time will tell if this political chess move by Putin will yield the desired outcomes or if it will backfire against the president’s aspirations.

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