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Photos of Rundown House Listed at $250,000 Located on a Public Bridge in LA

A rundown house situated over a public bridge in the City of Los Angeles has been listed for $250,000. The property, which is located at 13736 Fiji Way, was previously used as a studio space but has since fallen into disrepair.

Despite its current state, the property presents an exciting opportunity for investors or individuals looking for a fixer-upper. The 900-square-foot house is situated on a 2,700-square-foot lot and has stunning views of the marina and ocean.

The house was built in the 1950s and features a simple design with a single bedroom, bathroom, and a small kitchen. The interior of the home is in disarray, with old appliances, outdated fixtures, and significant water damage. However, the property still presents a fantastic opportunity for renovation and investment.

The unique location of the property is one of its most attractive features. It is located over a public bridge and is set back from the street, offering plenty of privacy and seclusion from the bustling city. The property also has a private deck, which provides the perfect spot to enjoy the stunning views of the marina.

Despite its poor state, the property offers exceptional potential for renovation. With a little love and attention, this property could be an incredible investment for those looking to break into the Southern California real estate market.

While the property is located in a desirable area of Los Angeles, it is important to note that the house is currently uninhabitable. The new owner will need to invest in significant repairs and renovations before it is livable.

Despite this, the unique location, stunning views, and potential for investment make 13736 Fiji Way a unique and exciting opportunity for prospective buyers. For those willing to invest in a fixer-upper, this rundown house presents an opportunity to own a piece of Los Angeles history while creating a home that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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