Samsung tries to seduce iPhone users with Android web demo


Samsung tries to seduce iPhone users with Android web demo

The very first time I used Android, it was loaded as a working boot partition onto a MicroSD card inserted into my HTC Fuze. I’m sure the installation of Windows Mobile on the internal memory of the phone caused a lot of envy, because the rest is history. Samsung is hoping for something similar with its latest project: an interactive Android web demo built specifically for iPhone users.

Well, anyway, a demo of Samsung’s version of Android and its ubiquitous One UI skin. The live demo shows the Samsung homepage with some manageable highlights like the in-store demo. But the system is surprisingly deep: you can check your messages with embedded GIFs, go to the settings menu, watch a short video captured by the phone’s camera, and even change the system theme.

Someone at Samsung needs a boost because one of the highlighted items is Fortnite, a popular game that launched on both the iOS App Store and Play Store for refusing to give Apple and Google a 30% discount, respectively. mobile version Fortnite is still available for manual installation on Android, and crucially, it still works and is widely featured in Samsung’s Galaxy Store.

Here’s a video of the web interface in action:

All in all, this is a smart little demo. If you or someone you love has an iPhone, go to to check it out… Unfortunately, it won’t work on Android (the site just links you to the Samsung store), and surprisingly, it won’t work on iPad either. I guess the demo requires a very specific aspect ratio of the screen.

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