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Ship Collision Resulted from Ship Operator’s Distraction by Phone

On May 7th, 2021, a ship collision occurred in the Singapore Strait that was caused by a ship operator who was distracted by his phone. The incident involved two large vessels and caused significant damage to both ships.

According to reports, the ship operator of the first vessel was engrossed in his phone when he failed to notice the approaching vessel until it was too late. The second vessel was unable to avoid the collision with the first vessel, resulting in a severe impact.

Fortunately, no crew members were injured in the accident, but both vessels suffered significant damages. The consequences of the incident were not limited to physical damage. The aftermath of the collision resulted in a massive oil spillage that could have been prevented if the operator of the first vessel had been more attentive.

This incident highlights the importance of paying attention to one’s surroundings while operating a large vessel. The consequences of even a minor slip in attention can be severe, resulting in property damage, injury, or even loss of life.

The use of mobile phones has become increasingly common in today’s society, and this has unfortunately led to a rise in accidents caused by distracted driving or distracted vessel operation. The distraction caused by phone usage takes the operator’s focus away from their immediate surroundings, hindering them from making informed decisions when it comes to the navigation of their vessel.

The use of mobile phones and other electronic devices should be prohibited during the operation of a vessel. The operator must maintain a constant awareness of their surroundings, giving them the best chance of detecting potential hazards and avoiding collisions.

In light of this incident, marine industry regulators and stakeholders must take a more stringent approach to enforce regulations regarding the use of electronic devices such as mobile phones while operating a vessel. Vessels should be equipped with technology that disables phones while navigation is in progress.

In conclusion, this incident emphasizes the importance of vigilance and attentiveness while operating a vessel. The risks of distracted vessel operation should not be taken lightly as they can lead to significant consequences that can affect not only the involved vessels but also the environment and the lives of those who occupy it. It is crucial that industry stakeholders and regulators take immediate action to implement stricter regulations and guidelines that will prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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