The five most beautiful Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra cases


Samsung’s S21 series is arguably one of the most anticipated devices of the year, offering high-quality materials, impressive cameras, and gorgeous displays that can make any Android enthusiast swoon. But while this trio may not be as expensive as last year’s Galaxy lineup, they are still expensive devices, and expensive devices deserve protection. Here are five of our favorite cases for the Galaxy S21 series.

Best Custom Case: dbrand Grip (Recommended)

Dbrand’s Grip is still an AP favorite for dozens of ways to get your phone to say “this is my phone” without, say, swimming accident… We have an iconic (literally) limited edition Skin icons on our purple Galaxy S21 here and it’s a subtle matte black color. But dbrand has tons of options to suit all tastes, and you can even order a separately protected Grip case if you want. We’re just saying: This case looks best with a skin, and it’s kind of brandy thing.

Best durable, but not overly large case: Otterbox Symmetry

If reliability is your concern (and if you’re protecting a $ 1200 phone, we don’t blame you), Otterbox is one of those names in the industry that comes to mind first. While their super-aggressive and boxy cases may not suit everyone, Otterbox does make a range that is significantly smaller than their traditional offerings: Symmetry. I’ve been a fan of this case for a long time now and it looks especially good in this shade of turquoise on the S21 Ultra. It looks very solid, but doesn’t feel massive, and the buttons are surprisingly pleasant to the touch for such a solid case.

Best Environmentally Friendly Case: Incipio Organicore

We love the idea of ​​good eco-friendly cases, but they’re not always the best to use. Incipio Organicore has two things that I think most green cases do not have: it is underrated and fits very well. The compostable materials that Organicore is made of feel quite sturdy, and the case wraps securely around our Galaxy S21 Ultra review unit. I wish there were a few more color options, but this black case will appeal to most people. It also pairs well with the blacks on the S21 Ultra.

Best Premium Budget Case: Cyrill Color Brick

Cyrill is one of Spigen’s sub-brands and we love this brand. But Cyrill has a tendency to sell more “feminine” styles for their cases, which I think has unfairly left them ignored by most of the world. There is nothing feminine about this dark gray colorblock for the S21 Ultra. Secondly, it looks very, very nice, and I love contrasting yellow power and volume keys are included as an extra touch (you change them yourself).

Best Leather Case: Samsung Official Leather Case

I used the Samsung Official Brown Leather Case on the S21 Ultra and loved it. Not only suitable irreproachable, the skin wears out and becomes covered with a real patina. It’s a beautiful shade of brown chosen by Samsung, and the large camera module cover seemed a little over the top at first, but I really liked it. Sure, it’s not cheap, but it’s not what I would call overpriced either: it’s just a really nice leather case.

Which one belongs to your phone?

If you’re looking for customization, it’s hard to beat dbrand’s abundance of Grip Case skins (although you’ll have to wait until March to get your case). There’s also something to be said for premium simplicity, in which case Cyril’s mysteriously dark version of Kirill’s colored bricks is sure to impress. However, to be honest, this list only includes our favorite mining jobs we’ve tested, so you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

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