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Trump Accuses Christie of Recommending Christopher Wray to Lead FBI

Title: Trump Blames Christie for Recommending Christopher Wray to Lead FBI


Former President Donald Trump has publicly expressed dissatisfaction with his former associate, Chris Christie, for recommending Christopher Wray to head the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Trump’s comments underscore the ongoing rift surrounding the FBI’s leadership during his administration. This article examines the background of this strained relationship and delves into the implications of Trump blaming Christie for Wray’s selection.

Trump’s Discontentment with Christie

Despite his earlier ties with Christie, Trump has not minced words when expressing his discontentment over the choice of Christopher Wray as FBI Director. According to various reports, Trump believes that Wray did not act in his best interests during the contentious investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Trump’s animosity towards Christie, once a well-regarded ally, stems from his perception that the former New Jersey Governor recommended Wray due to personal vendetta rather than professional considerations. Trump feels that Wray’s subsequent actions, including his refusal to overturn the investigation findings, were influenced by his indebtedness to Christie. Consequently, Trump holds Christie responsible for what he considers a lack of loyalty.

Background of Christie-Wray Association

To understand the dynamics surrounding Trump’s accusations, it is crucial to examine the Christie-Wray relationship. Chris Christie, a loyal supporter of Trump during his 2016 campaign, was initially considered for various roles within the new administration. However, Christie’s fortunes took a downturn after he prosecuted and imprisoned key individuals within Trump’s inner circle during his tenure as U.S. Attorney for New Jersey. Those convictions reportedly left a bitter taste in Trump’s mouth, deteriorating their once-friendly association.

Despite this friction, Christie still played a part in recommending Christopher Wray to head the FBI. Wray, a former Assistant Attorney General under President George W. Bush, had a reputation as a non-partisan, professional lawyer. Christie vouched for Wray’s expertise, presumably in an attempt to mend bridges with Trump and navigate his personal career ambitions.

Implications and Analysis

Trump’s recent public criticism of Chris Christie may have far-reaching implications on both Christie’s image and his future political aspirations. As a former presidential candidate and respected Republican figure, Christie’s endorsement holds significant value within the political landscape. Trump’s assertion that Christie had a hidden agenda when recommending Wray will likely have a negative impact on Christie’s influence among Trump’s loyal base.

Moreover, Trump’s criticism of Wray and, by extension, Christie, underscores wider tensions surrounding the FBI’s independence. Trump has long maintained that the FBI’s investigations into his campaign were politically motivated and lacked credibility, a sentiment amplified by his ongoing denunciation of Wray’s leadership. The divergent opinions between Trump and the FBI over the agency’s role during his presidency further contribute to an overall lack of trust in the institution.


As Trump continues to wage war against the establishment, his latest attack on Chris Christie for recommending Christopher Wray as the FBI Director adds another chapter to an already troubled narrative. The former president’s accusations deepen the divisions within the Republican Party, as well as the ongoing power struggle between Trump loyalists and establishment Republicans. Regardless of the outcome of Trump’s contentious relationship with the FBI, it is clear that the implications of his dispute with Christie will reverberate within the political landscape for the foreseeable future.

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