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Trump Maintains Control of His Narrative, but That Doesn’t Exempt Him from Trouble

As the US presidential campaign heats up, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Donald Trump is trying to maintain control over his narrative. He is using his Twitter account to push his version of events and to spin the news in his favor. But while Trump may be controlling the message, that doesn’t mean he’s out of trouble.

One of the ways that Trump is controlling the narrative is by consistently calling the mainstream media “fake news.” He accuses them of being biased against him and of pushing their own agenda. By doing this, Trump is trying to discredit any news that is critical of him or that doesn’t fit into his preferred narrative.

Another way that Trump is controlling the narrative is by using his Twitter account to communicate with his supporters directly. He uses his account to make announcements, to respond to criticism, and to share his opinions on the news of the day. This allows him to bypass the traditional media and to reach his base without any interference.

But while Trump is controlling the narrative, that doesn’t mean he’s out of trouble. His approval ratings continue to hover around record lows. He is facing a growing number of investigations, including the ongoing special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Furthermore, Trump’s constant attacks on the media are starting to have an impact. According to a recent poll, more Americans now view the media as an important check on the government than they did a year ago. This means that Trump’s attacks on the media may be backfiring and could ultimately work against him.

At the same time, Trump’s tweets and off-the-cuff remarks continue to create controversy and raise questions about his fitness for office. His recent comments about the hurricane hitting the Carolinas, where he suggested that the death toll may have been inflated to make him look bad, have sparked outrage and condemnation.

Overall, it’s clear that Trump is trying to maintain control over his narrative, but there are plenty of factors working against him. His low approval ratings, ongoing investigations, and controversial statements all suggest that he is in trouble. While he may be controlling the message for now, the tide could turn against him at any moment.

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