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Kremlin’s Victory Claims Termed ‘Science Fiction’ by Wagner Boss

In recent months, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and his government have been touting their technological prowess and the success of their military operations in Syria and Crimea. But according to one top NATO official, these claims are nothing more than “science fiction.”

In an interview with German newspaper Die Welt, NATO’s top military commander, US General Curtis Scaparrotti, said that Russia’s claims of victory in Syria and Crimea are “not real.”

“Russia’s continued propaganda about its Syrian campaign is designed to create a false reality that will be sold to Russian citizens,” Scaparrotti said. “And the claims that Russia has ‘won’ in Crimea simply have no basis in fact.”

Scaparrotti’s comments come as relations between Russia and the West continue to deteriorate. The US and its allies have accused Russia of annexing Crimea and interfering in the US presidential election, while Russia has accused the West of being hostile and aggressive towards it.

The NATO commander’s criticisms of Russia’s claims are not surprising. Wagner, a private military contractor with close ties to Putin, has been accused of sending mercenaries to fight in Syria and Ukraine. The Russian government has denied any involvement in these operations, but evidence has emerged that suggests otherwise.

Despite the evidence, the Russian government has continued to build up its military presence in Syria and Crimea. In recent months, Russia has deployed advanced fighter jets, naval vessels, and missile systems in these regions.

Scaparrotti acknowledged that Russia has “a lot of military capability,” but he warned that the US and its allies must be vigilant in countering any potential threats from Russia.

“The Russians are building up their military forces at a pace that is alarming,” Scaparrotti said. “We have to be prepared to meet any challenge that they may pose.”

Overall, Scaparrotti’s comments make it clear that NATO is not taking Russia’s claims of victory and technological superiority at face value. As tensions continue to mount between Russia and the West, it’s clear that both sides will continue to push their respective narratives and agendas.

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