Will the Samsung Galaxy A21 be a good buy in 2021?


While its high-end devices tend to get the lion’s share of media attention, Samsung also offers a ton of low-cost options – many under $ 250, like the Galaxy A21. When we reviewed it last year, we concluded that while it wasn’t truly a groundbreaking option in available space, it was a great choice if it met your budget and performance needs. But is this still the case today?

The A21 is in many ways an unremarkable budget smartphone. Its internals – a MediaTek processor and three gigabytes of RAM – do not stand up to much work, but are perfectly suited for basic tasks such as web browsing, mobile banking and watching videos. Even lighter 3D games work fine. Multitasking and other heavy use can be a little tedious, but if you are an easy-to-use person, you have nothing to worry about.

Unlike many budget devices, software support for the A21 is not an issue. Like many other high-end phones, this phone is covered by Samsung’s new commitment to providing four-year security updates – which is awfully generous for a phone that you can buy for as little as $ 150 if you press your ear to the ground (though its price tends to hover around $ 250). They are only conducted quarterly, not monthly, but you can still be sure that your phone will not have obvious security holes for years to come.

Nothing really has changed about the A21 since its launch: it’s still a decent, cheap big-screen phone, and that’s going to be true soon. What kind It has However, the landscape around the A21 has changed. While we don’t know anything about a direct sequel to the A21 in the form of the hypothetical Galaxy A22, Samsung has just announced several new A-series phones coming to the US this spring, including the Galaxy A12.

The A21 is still a decent cheap big screen phone.

At $ 180, the A12 matches the A21 spec in many areas for lower MSRP: same MediaTek Helio P35 SoC, same three gigabytes of RAM, same 6.5-inch 720p LCD panel (albeit with waterdrop notch instead of hole punch ) and similar camera settings. But the A12 beats the A21 on one key point: it has a 5,000mAh battery, 25 percent more than the A21. It also has a more modern design and a matte finish instead of the glossy plastic that can leave fingerprints on the A21.

And if you can save another hundred dollars, the $ 280 Galaxy A32 is an even bigger improvement over the A21. It has 5G, a 90Hz display, a better processor, one gigabyte of RAM, a higher resolution main camera, 64 gigabytes of storage (up from 32 in the A21 and A12), an in-display fingerprint reader, and it launches with Android 11 – just $ 30 more than the A21 MSRP.

The downside of each of these two alternatives is affordability. While you can now get the unlocked Galaxy A21 from a number of retailers, the A12 and A32 are only available through carriers: Cricket, Metro, and T-Mobile (plus AT&T for the A12). If you do not use any of these operators, you power Better grab the unlocked A21 – especially if you’re on sale.

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