You may finally be able to afford the following Samsung foldable phones


You may finally be able to afford the following Samsung foldable phones

Foldable phones are like exotic sports cars: everyone can agree that they’re cool, but very few of us can justify the cost of something only slightly more functional than the standard design. According to a recent leak, Samsung’s next foldable phones will be significantly improved in terms of price, making them available to more consumers.

How much more achievable? About 20%, according to SamMobile… Although the site does not name the source of the information, it is considered quite reliable when it comes to Samsung hardware. An update for both the Galaxy Z Fold2 and Galaxy Z Flip is expected before the end of 2021.

Taking that 20% drop in the original retail prices of today’s phones, the estimated Galaxy Z Fold3 will cost $ 1,600 and the Galaxy Z Flip2 $ 1,120. (We’re obviously guessing about these names.) While these prices will still be well above the starting range for the flagship, they’re not nearly as staggering as they were, especially with a seemingly uncontrollable crawl north for regular phones. constructions. Samsung’s most expensive fully loaded Galaxy S21 Ultra costs $ 1,380 with 512GB of storage, while the most expensive iPhone is now $ 1,400.

Other recent leaks indicate Samsung may be mixing the design for the next round of foldable devices with two-tone color options, large camera bumps, and perhaps just an under-display selfie camera. Also looming is the looming ghost of the rumored double-folding phone that (assuming it ever gets out of R&D) will take a new top spot as Samsung’s most expensive phone.

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