13 Ways to Edit Viral Hands on Tiktok


Editing of hands is a viral thing on Tiktok social media, maybe you are also enlivening this trend.

For those who don’t know about hand editing on tiktok, you might be wondering what it is like?

If you are not used to using editing applications, don’t worry you can’t edit.

You can still make your hand photo look aesthetic, like the viral hand display on the Tiktok application.

If you want to edit your hands to make them look very beautiful, then all you have to do is listen to the article we wrote.

In this article, we will write about how to edit viral hands on Tiktok social media.

By listening to this article carefully, we can make sure that you will be able to edit your hands with very beautiful results.

So read the article to the end.

Tiktok Hand Editing App

Hand Edit

To edit your hand photos, you don’t need to use many applications.

All you need is an editing application, the results must be amazing.

We offer you to use the PiscArt application.

If you don’t have this application, then you have to download the application through the Google Play Store application first.

For IOS users, you can download it via the App store.

This PicsArt application does not have many features, so it is very easy to use, especially for new users of the application.

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How to Edit Hands on Tiktok

Editing your hand photos in the Tiiktok application is not difficult, of course it is very easy.

Here’s how to edit your hand photo:

  1. The first thing you have to do is prepare a photo of your hand that you want to edit into a beautiful look. Our advice, take a photo of your hand using a plain groud becak only, so that it is easy to edit.
  2. Then open the browser, then enter the site to remove the background from the photo you shoot.
  3. Then click upload image, after that select the photo of your hand and wait a few moments until the photo is finished processing. Then click dowload to download the photo of the hand.
  4. Then open the PicsArt application, click the + button, then scroll to the bottom, then share the appropriate background color. Click the background color you want.
  5. Click the tool, select crop, then select the story to crop the background you are editing.
  6. Then click stickers, type “moon in the night” to find a dark background.
  7. Select the appropriate image, press the check button.
  8. Upload a photo of the hand whose background you have removed.
  9. Upload more photos of hands
  10. Click effect button, select FX
  11. You can also add text to the photo by pressing the Tekx button.
  12. Click the arrow button in the top right corner.
  13. Click save.

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That’s how to edit hands that go viral on tiktok.

Thank you for reading on my Esports

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