2 Ways to Check Gojek Fares


Checking the Go-Jek tariff is useful to find out the amount of fees we will spend to pay for Go-Jek services. As we all know, Gojek is one of the most widely used transportation service applications. By using the services of a gojek, we can travel anywhere easily.

By having this gojek application, then we only need to order a gojek without having to leave the house, then the gojek driver will pick us up and take us to our destination. So, how do you check the Go-Jek fares? Here’s the review.

Check Gojek Rates

How to Check Gojek Fares

1. Check Gojek Fares With Applications

The first way to check Gojek fares is by using the application. Here are the steps to check gojek fares using the application:

1. Open the Gojek Application

The first step you have to do is open the Gojek application. Actually, checking the Gojek fare is not difficult, you just need to make a little simulation using the Gojek application.

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2. Set Goals

The second step is to set goals. Please specify the destination or the place you want to go. You can pay attention to the Gojek application, there you will see how much fare you have to pay starting from place A to place B. You can also enter your address in the section Pickup Location, and the destination address in the Destination.

3. Rates Will Appear

The third step is to fill in the two columns clearly and in accordance with the map recorded on the Gojek application. After that, please fill in the address and you can see how much Gojek fares you have to pay.

4. Done, Just Go

Once you know the fare you have to pay, then you just have to go.

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2. Check Gojek Fares Without an Application

The second way to check Go-Jek fares is without using an application. In addition to using a simulation in the Gojek application, you can also see Go-Jek fares without an application. For example, in the Greater Jakarta area, the minimum tariff has been set, which is IDR 7000. The ministry stated that the fare for online motorcycle taxis is determined by region.

There are two things you should pay attention to in the calculation, namely direct costs and indirect costs. The tariff above is the price of services that have been deducted by indirect costs, in the form of rental prices for application users. This fee is a service fee for the applicator with a maximum of 20% and 80% for the driver. The Ministry of Transportation stipulates that the minimum service charged to passengers for the longest distance is 4KM. While the minimum cost for each zone is different. For Zone 1 it is Rp. 7000-Rp. 10,000, Zone 2 is Rp. 8000-Rp.10000, Zone 3 is Rp. 7000-Rp.10000.

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