2 Ways to Deposit Hotbit Balance


Hotbit balance deposits are one of the people’s choices in buying and selling crypto-type assets.

It can be explained that hotbit is a platform for buying and selling crypto assets, you can say that there are quite a lot of users.

Currently, very many people are starting to learn to use hotbit which aims to trade cryptocurrencies.

When you are new to hotbit and just getting into the world of cryptocurrencies, you may feel confused about making a deposit.

So that you are no longer confused about making a deposit, then you have to listen to the article that we will write this time.

Because in this article, we will write about how to deposit Hobit balance.

That way you will get the knowledge to dipeosite balances through Hobit.

So you can also directly to practice it.

Therefore, you must listen to this article carefully, yes.

How to Deposit Hotbit Balance

Balance Deposit

In hotbit generally you can make a USDT deposit.

This USDT deposit you can later use to buy other crypto assets that are already available on the Hotbit application.

To make a hotbit deposit, you need a crypto wallet application, such applications as Tokocrypto Binance and also Indodax.

How to make a deposit on Hotbit is not difficult.

All you do is withdraw your USDT contained in the crypto wallet application.

Now, for withdrawals, it is sent to Hotbit’s USDT address, so when you withdraw USDT from a crypto wallet, USDT will go directly to Hotbit.

How to Deposit Hotbit Balance with Binance

Here’s how to make a deposit on Hotbit:

  1. The first step you have to do is open Hotbit first via the link, then go to the Market menu.
  2. Then select USDT or you can enter the Fund menu, then click your UST.
  3. After that press the deposit button, click confirm, if a pop up notification appears, then select the USDAT Hotbit network.
  4. Then copy the address by clicking the Copy Address button
  5. Open the Binance application, then enter the Wallet menu, after that select the spot menu.
  6. Click USDT, then click the withdrawal button, paste your USDT Hotbit address into the field.
  7. Select the network that corresponds to the hotbit network you choose, fill in the amount of USDT Binance withdrawal you want.
  8. Press the withdrawal button to withdraw your binance. If the withdrawal is successful, the USDT on hotbit will be added up immediately.

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How to Deposit Hotbit Balance with Indodax

  1. Login to indodax, click market, select USDT
  2. Click the Deposit USDT button
  3. Select network
  4. Login to hotbit
  5. Choose the same network
  6. Fill in the withdrawal amount
  7. Choose a new address
  8. Then fill in the address field
  9. Fill in your Google Auth ping
  10. Wait for the process to finish

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Well, that’s the way to deposit hotbit balance.

Thank you for reading on my Esports

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