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2 Ways to Eliminate Noise



If you want to get rid of noise, you can use a free, open source application, Audacity. The quality of this application is not too much different from the paid audio editor application.

On this occasion, we will discuss about how to remove noise. Are you wondering how to get rid of this noise? Here’s the review.

Eliminate Noise

How to Remove Noise

1. How to Reduce Audio Noise

There are several tips that you can use to reduce noise when recording audio. Here are tips for reducing audio noise:

  1. The first step you have to do is you have to make sure that you are recording in a quiet place. If you are recording audio indoors, then please turn off the air conditioner or fan in the field. Meanwhile, if it is outdoor, please choose a quiet place and not much wind.
  2. The second step, when you are recording, try not to be too far from the mike, and please speak loudly so that your vocals are more dominant with noise.
  3. The third step, if you have a windscreen then you can use it. But if you use a smartphone, you can use the existing fabric.
  4. The fourth step, you should save the recorded audio file in WAV format instead of mp3. This is to keep the recording quality good for use during the editing process.
  5. Please you record audio and make sure to silence for 5 seconds first. This is intended so that later it is used to take a sample of the noise profile.

2. How to Eliminate Audio Noise

The second way to remove noise in audio and video is by using the Audacity application. The steps are as follows:

1. Download the Audacity App

The first step you have to do is please download the Audacity application. If the audio file is ready, then please edit it using Audacity.

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2. Select Audio File

The second step is to choose File >> Open >> File (select the audio file you want to edit).

3. Choose a Noise Sample

The third step is to select a noise sample. Please select a sample noise profile. You can also sample noise from empty areas during recording. Then please click Effect >> Noise Reduction >> Get Noise Profile.

5. Press Ctrl+A

The fifth step is to select all audio by means of Ctrl + A.

6. Click Effect > Noise Reduction

The sixth step, please click Effect >> Noise Reduction >> then in the settings, please use 12db for noise reduction, with a frequency of 3 and a sensitivity of 6 (this is just an example, you can choose your own). Then please click OK.

7. Process Complete

Now, you can see that your audio is cleaner than noise.

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8. Save Audio File

Please export the audio by clicking File >> Save other >> then export it into the format you want.

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