2 Ways to Get Rid of News Notifications in UC Browser


News notifications on the UC browser do not infrequently interfere with our browsing activities. as a browser that is used for searching and searching for information, UC browser is very helpful in our work.

UC Browser is a browser that has good performance and is widely used because it has good features. Not only that, this browser is also quite unique and has many versions.

However, this feature always sends notifications via Android smartphones. This spam can usually be annoying and eager to remove it. Well on this occasion, we will discuss about how to remove news notifications in UC browser. Curious how to get rid of news notifications in UC browser? Here’s the review.

News Notifications In Uc Browser

How to Get Rid of News Notifications in UC Browser

1. Remove UC Browser Notifications Permanently

The first way to get rid of news notifications in UC browser is to permanently remove UC browser notifications. Here are the steps:

1. Open UC Browser

The first step you have to do is please open the UC browser. How please open the menu overflow which is located at the bottom of the screen, and select the gear button to enter to Settings.

2. Turn off Ads

The second step to get rid of news notifications in UC browser is to turn off ads. The method please choose and click Notification settings. You can immediately turn off ads and notifications from the UC browser on your Android phone. In addition, you can also turn off the Facebook notification feature or other social media when logging in to the UC browser. After that, you just have to restart the UC browser and the annoying news notifications will no longer appear.

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2. How to Remove Adware Ads on Android Phones

The second way to get rid of news notifications on the UC browser is to remove adware ads on Android phones. These ads usually appear from the UC browser application or can also appear from virus-infected applications. In addition, it could also be because your Android smartphone is vulnerable to viruses, malware, adware, and spyware. To overcome this ad there are also events you can do:

1. Download and Install Zemana Antivirus & Security

The first way is for you to download and install Zemana antivirus and security. After you have successfully downloaded it, please immediately do a full scan with this application.

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2. Download and Install CCleaner

The second way is to download and install CCleaner. After you successfully download and install this application, then you delete useless junk data with CCleaner.

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