2 Ways to Redeem Indosat Smile Points



How to exchange Indosat smile points is being asked a lot by Indosaat Ooredo users nowadays. And as you know, Indosaat Ooredo is one of the providers that is also widely used by users today.

Indosat Ooredo also often provides additional bonuses to its customers. Starting from phone bonuses, sms, internet quota and the active period of the card.

This is given through a program called Indosat Smile Points. The details are more or less the same as Telkomsel Points.

And this is a program that is specifically intended for Indosat Ooredo customers. The system is also similar where we will get points every time we refill.

1 point for every 1000 refills, multiples apply. So if you top up 50,000, you will get 50 Indosat Smile Points. Now if you have collected, then the points can be exchanged.

So how to exchange Indosat smile points? Here’s the review!

How to Redeem Indosat Smile Points

How to Redeem Indosat Smile Points

Every Indosat Ooredo customer can join this one program. But before that, you must register first so that it is active on our simcard. There are 2 ways that can be used:

1. Via SMS

The first way to exchange Indosat smile points, which is to register via SMS, is to type SMILE and send it to 7887.

2. Via Dial / Call

The second way to exchange Indosat smile points is via Dial or Call. Meanwhile, via USSD by dialing *123*7887# then Call. Then select 1 and send again, then press 1 to register for this program and send.

After that, all you have to do is wait for a reply indicating that the Indosat Smile Points program is active. That way you will also get points every time you refill.

How to Check the Number of Indosat Smile Points

So, before you exchange Indosat smile points, you must know how many points you currently have.

If you have collected a lot, of course the bonus can also be more and more. Here’s how to check Indosat smile points:

1. Type *124*7887#

First press *123*7887# then Call. Then select menu 1. Indosat Points and send.

2. Select Info Number of Points

In the next menu select Info Number of Points. Just waiting for an SMS reply containing info on the number of Smile Points that we have.

How to Redeem Indosat Smile Points

After it is clear how many points are on our card, now you can immediately exchange them for various bonuses.

And indeed it can be in the form of free sms, telephone, internet quota to additional active period. You can choose according to your individual needs.

1. Redeem Points With SMS Bonus

For those of you who still like to use SMS services, you can try this one tip. Usually 25 Indosat points can be exchanged for 30 SMS bonuses to other operators, in multiples.

So if there are 150 points, they can be exchanged for 180 SMS bonuses to others. The method is very easy, just type SMS (space) Number of Points Exchanged and send to 7887. Just wait for a reply SMS from the operator.

2. Redeem Points With Phone Bonus

If you want to call someone but don’t have credit, you can take advantage of this one bonus. For every 25 smile points, Indosat can get 10 minutes of talking to other operators.

This applies to multiples, for example 100 points will get 40 minutes of bonus calls. The trick is to type MINUTE(space)Number of Points Exchanged and send to 7887.

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3. Exchange With Internet Quota

Today we are very difficult to separate from the Internet. Therefore, the need for data quota is also very important. If you run out for just a moment, it often makes us confused ourselves.

But don’t worry, because these smile points can also be exchanged for internet quota. That way we don’t have to worry if one day we run out of quota and haven’t had time to buy a package.

The exchange method is almost the same as before, please check below for quota details and tutorials.

Quota 30 MB/1 day (Rp. 2,900 + 150 Points), type KUOTA 2K and send to 7887.
Quota 60 MB/1 day (Rp. 3,900 + 200 Points), type QUOTA 3K and send to 7887.
Quota 250 MB/1 week (Rp. 10,900 + 550 Points), type KUOTA 10K send to 7887.
Quota 150 MB/30 days (Rp. 10,900 + 500 Points), type MONTHLY 10K send to 7887.
Quota 2 GB/30 days (Rp. 49,000 + 2,500 Points), type QUOTA 49K send to 7887.

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4. Redeem Points With Active Period

And indeed each of these simcards of course has its own active period. If it has passed its active period, it will enter a grace period and the credit will not be able to be used.

One way to increase the active period is to top up credit. Then it will increase according to the number of pulses purchased.

But apart from that, there is one more way, namely by exchanging our Indosat Smile Points.

For every 25 points you can get 7 days of active period and apply in multiples. So just 100 points can get an additional active period of almost 1 month.

For how to exchange it is also very easy and the same as above. Just type MA(space)Number of Points Exchanged and send to 7887.

Please wait for a reply SMS indicating the request has been processed. Then try to check your active period whether it has increased or not.

You can also exchange Indosat smile points easily and quickly. In addition, you can also share how to exchange Indosat smile points with your friends.


For you to still be able to get Indosat smile points, you must register first. Only then can you get points and exchange them for Indosat products.

It’s better for you to immediately exchange it because otherwise the points will be forfeited first and can’t be used anymore. For those who have suggestions or questions, you can immediately stop by in the comments column.

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That was the information we could convey about how to exchange Indosat smile points. We hope that the information we provide can be useful for you readers.

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