4 Tips for Overcoming Android Phones Cannot Charge


Money Making Apps Android phones not being able to charge is a serious problem. Perhaps you have experienced this. So if you’ve ever experienced this, you don’t have to worry.

On this occasion, we will discuss some tips on overcoming an Android phone that cannot charge. Curious how? Here’s the review.

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Tips for Overcoming Android Phones Cannot Charge

1. Restart Your Phone

The first tip is to restart your phone. Sometimes Android phones can’t charge because there is a slight connection problem. Restart the phone will turn off all background services. Apart from that, restarting the phone can also solve the charging problem on your phone. Even by doing restart will be able to refresh the core components of your phone when one of the devices freezes while doing a task.

2. Enable Safe Mode

The second tip to overcome the android phone can’t charge is to activate safe mode. You can try this method if the first method doesn’t work. Basically, Safe Mode is a mode that will restrict your phone from the software it originally shipped with. Third party apps that you download will not work in Safe Mode.

If after you activate this mode your phone can charge, then the charging problem that occurred earlier was due to a third-party application. You need to view the applications you have downloaded. If there is a suspicious application, then you should do uninstall just and please restart your cell phone.

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3. Clean the Charger Port

The third tip for dealing with Android phones that can’t charge is to clean the charger port. Maybe clean up port charger is an activity that is rarely carried out. This is because, they assume that this one part almost never looks dirty.

However, it turns out that this assumption is not correct. The reason is if you rarely or never clean up port charger will cause charging problems. This is because in port there is dust or dirt attached. This of course will interfere with the entry of electric current into the phone.

The safest and easiest way to clean the charger port is to gently rub the area with a dry cotton swab. It is not recommended to use cotton or damp cloth. It is feared that it will damage port.

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4. Try a Different Cable or Adapter

The fourth way to solve an android phone that won’t charge is to try a different cable or adapter. If using the previous methods did not work, you need to try this last method. This can happen because the cable charge you loose or maybe the adapter is not working.

If after you try a different cable or adapter, your phone can charge then it can be ascertained that the problem is with your cable or adapter. We recommend that you replace your cable or adapter.

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