4 Ways to Overcome Bad Sector Hard Drives Using Disk Check Tool

Have you ever experienced the storage hardware contained in your laptop is damaged? As storage hardware, of course, the hard drive has a very important role in a computer or laptop.

Usually hard disk damage occurs because the hard disk has bad sectors. Bad sector is a term used to describe the condition of the hard drive that is not in proper condition. Hard disk bad sector is a condition of the sectors contained on a hard disk cannot do their job properly, such as write and read tasks. While the sector is a place or the smallest part on a hard drive that has a function as a data storage area. If the sectors on a hard drive are in bad condition, it will affect the performance of the hard drive itself. The hard disk becomes unable to perform its function properly in reading commands from the user. This will make the data created and saved will be lost.

There are several factors that can cause a hard drive to have bad sectors. In general, there are two types of bad sectors on a hard disk, namely physical bad sectors and software. Physical hard drive problems are caused because the hard drive is exposed to dust, dirt, overheating, falls and so on. This physical damage cannot be repaired.

While bad sectors in software are caused by the threat of viruses and malware. In contrast to physical damage, software bad sectors still have the possibility to be repaired.

Bad Sector Hard Drive

How to Overcome a Bad Sector Hard Drive Using the Disk Check Tool

1. Open Disk Check Tool

The first step you have to do is please open the disk check tool by opening Windows Explorer or press the button Windows + E on the keyboard.

2. Select the disk to be checked

The second step is to select the disk you want to check by right-clicking on the disk to be checked and then selecting Properties. Here we select Disk C: After that, please go to the tab Tools.

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3. Do a Check

The next step you have to do is please click the button Check Now in the Error Checking section.

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4. Select Checking Options

The next step to overcome the bad sector hard disk is please select the checking option. After you check as in the third step, a small dialog box will appear containing two options that you must choose. Please check the two options to check and repair bad sectors on the hard drive. Meanwhile, if you want to check the condition of the hard drive on a computer or laptop, please select or check the first option. Next, please click the button Start to check and repair.

The process of checking and repairing the hard drive can take a long time depending on the capacity of the hard drive and the amount of data and errors in it. Therefore, please check and repair when your laptop or computer is not in use.

Meanwhile, if there is a soft bad sector, then Disk Check will fix it so that later it can be used again. if there is a more complex bad sector problem, then Windows will re-run Disk Check automatically when the computer or laptop is turned on.

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