4 Ways to Overcome Failed OVO Transfers


Have you ever experienced a failed OVO transfer? For those of you who often use OVO, of course you have experienced something like that, right? Maybe some of you will panic when this happens to you. Especially if you are in a very important situation. But suddenly a notification appears that the OVO transfer failed or did not work. If your OVO balance doesn’t decrease then it’s not a problem, it’s different if your OVO balance is reduced and the recipient hasn’t received the money you transferred. Of course this is a problem for you.

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How to Overcome Failed OVO Transfer

1. Logout OVO Account

The first way when you experience a failed OVO transfer is to log out of your OVO account. If you experience this problem when making OVO transfers, both transfers between OVO and from OVO to a bank account, then you can log out of your OVO account from the application.

If you have logged out, please log back in using the OVO account that you logged out earlier. Make sure your OVO account is already OVO Premier. If you don’t have it, then your OVO account can only receive and cannot make transfers either between OVO or to bank accounts.

2. Clear OVO Application Data

The second way if you experience a failed OVO transfer is to delete the OVO application data. You can do this second method if using the first method didn’t work. You need to delete the OVO application data by logging into Settings > Applications > OVO > Clear data. If so, please open the OVO application and log in using your OVO account again.

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3. Wait a while

The third way you can do when you experience a failed OVO transfer is to wait and continue to monitor the recipient’s balance. Especially if your OVO balance is reduced when the transfer is not successful. Sometimes you need to wait for a while about 3-5 hours for the transferred OVO balance to enter the destination account number.

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4. Contacting OVO Customer Service

The last way when you experience a failed OVO transfer is to contact OVO customer service. If you are really worried that the balance you transferred earlier did not enter the recipient’s account, then please contact OVO Customer Service. Please contact him, by e-mail at [email protected], via OVO Booth, and by telephone at 1 500 696 to complain and inquire about your transaction.

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